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10 Simple Bathroom Gadgets That You Need.

by RohitMehta
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There’s no denying that we live in an age of technology. There’s an online solution for everything nowadays, whether that’s an app, device or website forum to provide answers. Even those who don’t consider themselves tech-geeks have begun to implement technology in various aspects of their life, and the home is no exception. The bathroom is a domain in which technology reigns. There is no shortage of technological devices that make your bathroom feel like a beautiful and futuristic feel- and these devices don’t have to be expensive, grand investments. Often the simplest gadgets have the best functions, so here at We Buy Any House, we have taken the time to compile our top 10 favourite bathroom gadgets that you need.

  1. Wifi Smart Scale:

This wifi scale may make you reconsider your negative approach to stepping on a scale. Not only does the scale sync to an app to help you keep on top of your progress, but it’s a scale that isnt all about numbers. The device relays important information about body fat composition, water weight and bone masses.

  • Foam Sensor Pump:

This rechargeable soap dispenser is a germ-free and stylish way to dispense soap and adds a touch of sophistication to your bathroom. Available in four different stainless-steel finishes, the smudge free dispenses has elements of luxury, and releases the perfect amount of pre-lathered soapy foam.

  • Electric Toothbrush:

An absolute bathroom necessity is the electric toothbrush. Say goodbye to an old, regular toothbrush and invest in the Oral-B IO electric toothbrush. The toothbrush lets you know how well you are brushing your teeth, and if there is room for improvement. You can choose between different brush settings, for example intense, sensitive, gum cleaning or daily routine, and displays a smiley face if the brushing is done correctly.

  • Music Therapy Speakers:

If you can’t have a shower without listening to music, then this device is for you. This device mounts into the wall discreetly as its flesh-coloured and marine grade. Obviously, waterproof, the speaker connects to your smart phone or tablet via Bluetooth- enabling you to have your own mini concert in the shower.

  • Moen Rain Shower:

The number of showerheads on the market seems limitless at the moment, but there’s none other than the Nebia shower by Moen. Designed to imitate rainfall, the showerhead offers a utopian element to your shower, and is the definition of futuristic. It also offers double the water coverage of a standard shower head- but surprisingly, uses only half the amount of water.

  • LED Smart Mirror:

This uber-intelligent mirror, which comes in five different sizes, is the definition of a technology hub. Not only does it serve the purpose of a mirror with perfect lighting, but the design also features a speaker for music, and a mini-TV to catch up on the news or your favourite TV show.

  • Towel Warmer:

Adding a modern finish to your bathroom is the traditional wall mounted towel warmer. Made of solid brass but available in a polished chrome and nickel finish, the radiator provides the perfectly warmed towel for when you get out of the shower- providing an element of absolute luxury. The feature also serves as a secondary heating source in the bathroom which is useful.

  • Intelligent Toilet:

In the world of technology, even toilets haven’t escaped a modern upgrade. Smart toilets are a thing of the future, and even feature a built in Amazon Alexa to converse with and play music whilst you use the bathroom. The device is completely customised in every detail, from the temperature of the seat, controlled-cleansing, ambient lighting and air freshening.

  • Bathroom and Shower Control:

Running a bath or starting a shower has never been easier. Advances in bathroom gadgets have made it easier to control every aspect of your bathroom living, and this device is no exception. By downloading a smartphone or tablet app, or using voice control on an Amazon Alexa, you can run your bath or shower to your desired temperature and start/stop time from the simple click of a button or voice command.

  1. Whirlpool Bath:

Perhaps the most expensive and luxurious item you can put in your bathroom, is a whirlpool bath. It will instantly give you the home spa experience, as it’s designed to release micro-fine air bubbles into the bath that resemble a luxury spa treatment. The bath stimulates skin cells rejuvenation, and you’re guaranteed to get out of the bath feeling brand new.

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