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Why Does my Aircon Smell? 5 Reasons for That

Envision a foul odour greeting you as you enter your home. A breeze from the air conditioner is carrying the odour around the house. It’s possible that certain areas will pick up more of it than others. You investigate your house for its origin only to discover that it is all-pervasive. It’s then that you suspect your AC unit is causing the smell.

There are a number of potential causes for an unpleasant odour coming from your air conditioner, and you should have it checked out as soon as possible. If you don’t take rid of whatever’s producing the odour right soon, it might make you and your family sick, wreck your air conditioning system, and cost you a loads of cash to fix.

Let’s investigate what causes unpleasant odours to emanate from your air conditioner, what those odours could indicate, and what you can do to restore the unit’s original cool (or at least odourless) aroma.

  1. A Burning Smell:

Cooling systems have their share of electronic circuitry and mechanical parts. Also, malfunctions are possible, as is the case with every electrical device.

Smells like burning plastic or “gun powder” are often indicators of overheating, water damage, dust buildup, or improper voltage in an electrical circuit, all of which can affect the performance of fans, motors, and other electrical components.

Electrical components deteriorate with use and can fail mechanically or cause a short circuit. If you smell something burning or see smoke coming from the ventilation system, turn off the air conditioner and call a professional as soon as possible.

  1. An Exhaust Smell:

Motors in air conditioners necessitate oils for lubrication. A burning oil smell could indicate an oil leak or central unit overheating. The smell of exhaust isn’t only unpleasant; it can also lower the quality of the air within a building, which can have serious health consequences.

  1. Rotting Egg Smell:

Natural gas has many of the same characteristics as the odour of rotten eggs. A gas leak in your air conditioner could account for the smell you’re experiencing. Carbon monoxide poisoning, brought on by gas leaks, is a serious health risk.

As a safety measure, you should open windows and turn off the unit as soon as possible. You should also turn off the main gas valve to your home. If that’s the case, you need to get in touch with a repairman immediately.

  1. Stunk Smell:

Among all of our concerns, the smell coming from the AC unit is the most serious. This usually means gas, notably Methyl Mercaptan, is escaping from within the system.

Utilities and gas distributors add Methyl Mercaptan, a chemical that gives natural gas its characteristic odour, because the gas itself has no fragrance. This guarantees quick detection, which is crucial in preventing any serious impacts from a gas leak.

Your AC is probably malfunctioning if it smells like skunk spray. What this signifies is that gas is escaping from its pipe and entering your ventilation system. If you detect any odour of gas, switch off the main valve. Second, call your utility company so that they can investigate and fix the issue.

  1. Musty Smell:

By far, the most typical and repulsive odour emerging from air conditioners is a stinky, musty odour. The growth of fungi or mildew in your air conditioner’s drain pan or drip line is usually to blame for the musty odour it emits. It is possible to see evidence of a leak, such as water dripping down the wall, in your indoor ductless unit.

Filters that aren’t clean could also be to blame for the odour. When you turn on your air conditioning system after being away for a while in a hot and humid environment, condensation may form on the filters. Acquire the services of a professional known for best aircon chemical wash in Singapore to clean the ducts and lines of your air conditioner. To put it simply, the odour will be gone after this. 

Take Safety Measures Before Attempting a Do-It-Yourself Project:

While we’re at it, let’s remember these two points.

All of the aforementioned are problematic whether you have ducted or ductless air conditioning. Now, if you ever return home to an unpleasant odour, you’ll know exactly what’s causing it and how to remedy it.

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