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What is Wellcore and How Does It Help?

by Bryan Cunningham
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Last modified on June 12th, 2023 at 2:39 pm


As people age, their bodies see several changes. One of these changes is in levels of hormones. One of these hormones is testosterone. Testosterone levels can be checked with a simple blood test kit. This test kit is then analyzed by medical professionals. When levels of testosterone become too low, a person’s health can be affected in more ways than sexual performance. Low testosterone can contribute to heart problems, anemia, bone health, cognitive abilities, mood, and other conditions.

The Value of Home Health Tests

COVID contributed to a huge increase in the use of home health tests. Home health tests save a trip to a doctor or health clinic. They can be self-administered and then sent to a lab where trained medical professionals analyze the test and report their findings to the patient. The patient can then decide what to do with the results, such as seeking treatment, visiting their primary physician for advice, and so on.

People who like testing at home have a lot of choices of home testing kits for any number of health conditions or purposes. It is important to get the correct testing kit from a reliable source. One kit to trust is the Wellcore At-home Assessment Kit. This home test kit includes everything a person needs to painlessly collect their own blood at home, not in a lab. The advantages of home testing with kits like this include not having to make appointments with a lab or waiting in an uncomfortable setting for your name to be called.


Every home test kit comes with detailed instructions to follow. Following the instructions carefully and completely is necessary to get accurate results at the lab. Once the test is completed, it is put in the return package and sent to the lab. This home test assesses the blood for cholesterol, DHEA, and testosterone—all biomarkers for a person’s health and wellness.

The results of these tests are analyzed by a Wellcore physician who can have a video consultation with the patient. A patient can also take the results of this test to their primary physician for input and treatment suggestions. If the test shows too low levels of testosterone, this testing company can offer treatment options. There is a hormone optimization program that can raise testosterone levels to where they should be.

When a person wants to use this hormone optimization program, they can order it through the same company as the at-home test. The kit will contain a three-month supply of hormone treatment along with a nearly painless injection device. There will be detailed instructions for administering the medication.

Why is it Important to Have Testosterone Levels Tested?

As people age, their hormone levels change. When certain hormones such as testosterone get below the healthy level, it can impact overall health and physical performance. Testosterone levels below the 300 ng/dL level indicate a diagnosis of low testosterone. This diagnosis is best made after two early-morning tests that show a low level of testosterone and other symptoms combined.

Some low testosterone symptoms might include anemia, loss of bone density and diabetes, as well as former exposure to chemotherapy or radiation, chronic drug use, infertility in males, and other issues. It is important to diagnose testosterone deficiency and properly treat it. But self-medication to increase testosterone levels without proper diagnosis and testing can cause harm. Do not take over-the-counter or other testosterone enhancing medications without the guidance of a doctor or other medical professional. It is safer to get tested by a dependable company such as Wellcore and then have their medical professionals provide testosterone replacement treatments.

It is estimated that as many as 25% of the men using testosterone have not had the correct testing beforehand and may not need it. That can be harmful. Then, there are a lot of men who need testosterone therapy and are not getting it and have not been tested for testosterone deficiencies.
Some clinicians are afraid of testosterone therapy side effects even though clinical evidence does not back these concerns up. These men being denied testosterone therapy, or not even tested to see if it would help them, are being done a disservice.

The main concern here is that many men are taking home therapy for testosterone without even being tested and other men are not getting tested and therefore are not being given the option of low-testosterone therapy. Perhaps every aging man should ask their physicians for testosterone level testing to find out for sure if they may have improved health with testosterone replacement therapy. No man should take testosterone prescriptions without first being tested.

Do medical professionals need additional training so that they can help older male patients better? It looks like that might be indicated. In the meantime, men can be proactive with their health and find good companies to order at-home test kits from. Ordering top-quality home testosterone-level test kits can be the first step in getting needed help.

Companies such as Wellcore provide top-quality test kits and provide professional assessments of the results for the test kit users. Then, the users can take their results to their primary physicians, or they can choose to undergo low testosterone treatments at home with additional products from the company. This is a good solution for men who do not feel comfortable talking to a doctor about their testosterone levels or do not want to take the time to schedule doctor’s appointments.

Why bother with the whole issue? Well, having the correct level of testosterone allows a man to feel better and be healthier. It helps avoid many health problems and may contribute to a longer lifespan. And what is the value of getting older if you do not feel well and have a lot of health problems? Why not be as healthy as possible by taking good care of your body? Think about yearly health checkups and regular testing of testosterone levels and other health indicators.

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