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Websites Like Bestgore, Bestgore Alternatives on Dark Web

Websites Like Bestgore

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Bestgore (also abbreviated as BG) is a Canadian website on the Dark Web where you can find some of the most shocking content on the internet. It is known among folks as a website where highly violent content is posted. 

Bestgore was more like a forum where anyone could upload anything, there was also support to post comments and give feedback. 

Bestgore Shut Down?

Since the website was based in Canada, the Canadian obscenity law didn’t allow the website to continue. Bestgore was shut down on November 15, 2020, and the owner Mark Marek was also arrested by the Canadian police for hosting a disturbing film showing the murder of Jun Lin.

Websites Like Bestgore – Best Alternatives

Now that Bestgore is shut down, what are the alternatives? This article is all about that. We will tell you about some websites like Bestgore. So stay tuned and read the list below:

1. riGOREmortis

riGOREmortis is another website like Bestgore because this site also contains some of the most violent stuff on the internet. Built like any online forum, do not take this website lightly because once you surf, you will be introduced to a new world of inappropriate stuff.

The word “Rigor Mortis” means the third stage of death, where all the muscles go rigid; this is what the website is all about – nothing but horror.


BME, or Body Modification Enzine is a weird website where you can watch people modify their bodies in the weirdest ways possible. This is not some website where you go for fun. The content uploaded there will make you drop your jaw with awe and wonder.

People have an appetite for tattoos and body modifications; all the videos and pics are uploaded on BME so that you know what happens when you have a tattoo at a weird place on your body.

3. GoreGrish

GoreGrish is a shock site where you always get shocked to see what’s uploaded, no matter how frequent of a user you are of this website. GoreGrish will never cease to amaze you with its horror-filled content that’s uploaded by users from all over the world.

GoreGrish is known for its uploads, mostly on war, crime, drugs, etc. Most of the videos uploaded on GoreGrish go viral, and users worldwide can comment on those and share their thoughts. 

4. Itemfix

Itemfix is a liveleak and Bestgore alternative where all sorts of weird and funny videos are posted. As of today, the site is fully up and running. There are multiple categories of videos that are uploaded on Itemfix.

All sorts of content can be found here, from accidents to news and live fails. 

5. YNC

The YNC is a dark website where all kinds of humorous and shocking content are posted. You can also watch a lot of war footage. There were also some videos posted where the cartel deals were going on, and we people on the internet could watch them for free.

Those sites give users the freedom to post anything on the internet without getting the government involved. 

6. eFukt

eFukt is a website dedicated to adult humor that cannot be found on the internet. If you’re in the mood to laugh at some of the most racist jokes, eFukt is the website for you. You may also find some adult content, and some jokes can be too offensive. So, do think twice before surfing this website for content full of adult humor. 


OgrishForum is another shock site where you can watch all kinds of uncensored news and videos that are not usually found on the internet. There are all kinds of horror videos related to war, executions, wounds, and much more.

If you’re into watching such videos, you’ve got to visit this site because such content that’s uploaded on this site CAN NOT be found on any other site on the internet.

8. Cura Magazine

Cura Magazine is a website by Darja Bajagic where you can read all kinds of weird stories about people’s experiences with weird stuff in their lives. The texts are mostly written and reviewed by Franklin Menendez and users from all over the internet.

This website is more of a magazine because you will seldom find any videos. Those who are into reading the stories instead of watching them will feel at home when they visit the website.

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