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Use IDFC Credit Card to Get Lounge Access

idfc credit card

When the summer vacations hit, you start planning your trip. It can be expensive if you haven’t saved money for the same. But, with an IDFC Credit Card, you won’t have to worry about the money. Swipe your credit card to book flight tickets, hotels, concierge services, etc. Plus, the complimentary airport lounge access makes your travel comfortable. So. If you have been looking for such a credit card, read this page below and know which IDFC Credit Card will be best for your travels. 

First Wealth Credit Card Designed for Comfortable Travels

This IDFC Credit Card comes on the list of best credit cards for travel. With this, you get access to airport lounges, travel insurance, etc. Let’s learn more about the benefits of the First Wealth Credit Card.

Airport Lounge Privilege Program 

Four complimentary access to select airport lounges per quarter will be offered in India. Swipe your credit card at the lounge to get access to use this. For this service pay a validation charge of INR 2. After that, show your IDFC FIRST Card at the reception of airport lounges in India, overseas and spa centers.

If you exceed the complimentary access, you’ll be charged by the lounge/spa operators. The program is applicable at select Lounges in India for active IDFC FIRST Wealth Credit Cardholders. As per the standard process, all usage of the Participating Airport Lounges is conditional upon the presentation of a credit card. Access to the lounge is provided upon successful authorization of the credit card on the electronic terminals. 

What Benefits Does the Cardholder Get?

An IDFC Credit Cardholder will get access to the lounge, food & beverages as applicable under the agreement. You should check what services and facilities are covered under your Lounge Program before visiting.

A complimentary entry to children below two years of age is provided at Participating Lounges. You should check the same at the lounge entrance before entry.

Things to Take Care of While Visiting the Partnered Lounge

Check out the below points before going to the airport lounge –

IDFC Credit Card Railway Lounge Program

Up to 4 complimentary railway lounge access is available in a calendar quarter at the participating lounges in India on IDFC FIRST Wealth Credit Card. To enjoy this, you need to present a valid, unexpired eligible card and a valid train ticket at the entrance. Now, swipe your card on the Pine Labs POS terminal, and INR 2 will be charged from you to validate the card for complimentary lounge access.

How to Apply for the First Wealth Credit Card?

Visit the IDFC FIRST official website, go to its credit card section and select the ‘First Wealth Credit Card’. Now that you have chosen the card, click on ‘Apply Now’. An online application form will appear on your screen. Fill in the form and click on ‘Submit’

The bank will send a notification on your registered mobile number to let you know the result. You can track the IDFC Credit Card Status on the bank website using the application number. 

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