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Who is Tyceratops (@tylernol4thypain) – TikTok’s LGBTQ+ Influencer, Explained


Image: TikTok

Tyler TJ aka Tyceratops is a TikTok influencer who is known for his comedy and for spreading a positive influence on the LGBTQ+ community.

In today’s liberal world, there are millions of LGBTQ people but they are usually shy of opening up on the internet. This is due to the reason they have the fear of being bullied by homophobes. There have been many stories about people opening up about their sexualities on the internet, which resulted in a disaster.

Well, not in the case of @tyceratops as the gay TikTok influencer has now become one of the most followed and watched LGBTQ+ influencers on the video-sharing app. 

In this article, we will take a closer look into the views of Tyceraptos and his fame on TikTok.

Meet Tyceratops (@tylernol4thypain): The Rising Star of Gay TikTok

Tyceratops (@tylernol4thypain), original name Tyler, is a TikTok influencer, comedian, and a social media activist for gay rights who has become so popular on TikTok that people are talking about him being a political figure.

The influencer is mostly known for flaunting his gay personality on the internet, unlike many, who have been unsuccessful in the past in doing so.

Tyceratops or tylernol4thypain is also known for posting bold pictures on his private accounts and platforms such as Onlyfans, where you can subscribe to his channel and watch his private videos.

To measure his success on TikTok, it is enough to note that Tyler has achieved over 5 Million likes on his TikTok posts, and he is followed by almost 200k people, which is a pretty good number when it comes to comedians on the video-sharing platform.

As of 2023, he is one of the fastest-growing stars on TikTok, and his followers believe that he will continue to grow as more and more people find him and his funny and relatable videos.

Behind the Scenes of Tyceratops’s Viral Videos

As much as his political views are famous on the internet, it is to take into account that his primary reason for fame is his funny and relatable videos. Getting famous on TikTok nowadays has become tougher than ever, so in such tough conditions, if an influencer makes it big on the platform, one can say that they are very likable and talented. 

So, Tyceratops has made it into the big ones on TikTok thanks to his funny videos and going viral day by day. And, apart from making funny content, he likes to share his personal thoughts and mental health problems and their solutions with their fans.

Tyceratops and His Coping Mechanism


ive been told its a “coping mechanism” that served me at one point, but that i need to “explore my emotions and culnerabliltiy” now? Like BIG WHOOP 😒 #therapy #vulnerability #stories

♬ original sound – Tyler

“Here’s the thing about me: If I’m being vulnerable with you and we’re not like the bestiest of best friends, If we are not top tier, BFFs5lyfe like text each other once a week. Maybe remember each other’s birthdays and I’m being vulnerable with you, no I’m not,” said Tyceratops in his latest TikTok video.

“That is a specially curated story that I have selected from my endless life traumas to give to you as a gift. To encourage you to be vulnerable with me so that you feel like you’re getting close to me and I can remain close to off to you. My actual intimate self is protected behind that curated story. You feel comfortable, safe, and included as if I’m opening up the doors into my inner mind to you.” 

“When in fact, that door is made out of 5ft reinforced steel, welded shut, with 17 locks. I’ve thrown the keys away, but I’ve painted a little window on there so you feel like you can see inside when you can’t,” he added.

Tyceratops and his Views on Trans People


also: 1) trans people werent created, they have always been; 2) boiling down gender identiy to a “descriptor” loses nuance, but helps make a concise point for learning; and 3) transness exists in many forms and our language is constantly adapting to new (and sometimes very old) terms for those who don’t fit a gender binary. Now lote than ever should be when we speak out and step up for those whose experience we might not entirely understand ✨🥰 #gender #trans #cis

♬ original sound – Tyler

As you can see, Tyceratops is not afraid to talk, or even give his personal views and opinions about trans people (mostly positive ones), which is why he’s famous for what he does.

How Tyceratops Uses TikTok to Connect with Other LGBTQ+ Individuals

Any TikTok influencer will use the platform to not only engage with their audience but also build a strong and connecting community of like-minded individuals. In the case of Tyceratops, he is making sure that every gay man is heard of, and they also have someone famous and influential who can back them up on a bigger scale.

Here’s how Tyceratops is using TikTok is connect and integrate with the LGBTQ+ community:

Building a Supportive Community Through TikTok: Tyceratops’ Story

Apart from some outlier hate comments on his TikTok videos, you’ll notice that most of the comments are positive and encourage the artist to make more content, as people find it relatable, funny, and empowering.

The community is now stronger than ever, and it will continue to build as Tyceratops gains more followers with time.

Empowering LGBTQ+ Youth via his Content

His content, which may be funny, is empowering the LGBTQ youth so that they can also open up about their sexuality, and finally say what’s in their hearts. Luckily for Tyceratops and his loving community, it is working pretty well.

Now, everyone can publicly relate to what he has to say and get encouraged by their peers and Tyceratops himself.

We Know Nothing About Tyceratops’ Personal Life

Unfortunately, this article is not a biography of the TikTok influencer. That is because there is absolutely nothing known on the internet about his personal life. His full name, date of birth, residence, relationships, and even parents, all are private information that Tyceratops has never shared with us.

As for his private accounts, they still don’t have any private information that can be put into his biography. It means that even though he is famous on the internet, especially, on TikTok, he likes to keep his personal life and information hidden from the internet.

Final Words

In conclusion, Tyceratops, also known as Tyler TJ, has become a beloved influencer on TikTok due to his unique blend of comedy and activism for the LGBTQ+ community. He has gained a massive following on the platform and uses it to create a safe and supportive space for LGBTQ+ individuals.

His views about the LGBTQ+ minority have been praised by many, and he has now become a star who raises the voices of his community members in funny, comedy-style videos on TikTok. Last but not least, his voice has been instrumental in empowering young people to be true to themselves and celebrate their identities.

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