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Top NFL betting platforms and promotions for October 2023

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Top NFL betting platforms and promotions for October 2023

Looking to make a few NFL bets? Well, there are a lot of NFL betting platforms out there, and more appear each and every single day. The problem Is that not all of them are that great, and gambling there is going to be a waste of your time. We want to make things a little bit easier for you by introducing you to the best NFL betting platforms in the US. We have five of them for you. First, let’s take a quick look at what makes a good NFL betting platform and go through the basics of placing a bet.

What makes a good NFL betting platform?

First things first — how do you go about choosing a great NFL betting platform? There are tons and tons of them out there, after all. Well, we’ll share our secret with you: you do your research. Landing on this page is a great start. We’re experienced gamblers, so we know all the top websites.

When you are tracking down a good NFL betting platform, it is highly recommended that you think about the following:

  • Is the site licensed to operate in your area? It is vital that you always choose a legal website to give yourself extra protection.
  • Does the site offer a variety of NFL bets, including moneyline, point spread and prop bets?
  • Is live betting available?
  • Always check the betting odds. You may need to be on multiple betting platforms if you always want to be taking advantage of the best betting odds. 
  • Check the withdrawal and deposit options. 
  • Always read review websites, like this one. This way, you can hear how experienced gamblers feel about specific platforms.
  • Finally, always check the promotions available on a sports betting website. This is your incentive for signing up with the platform, so you want it to be as good as possible!

How do odds work in NFL betting?

If you are new to online gambling, then you may be a bit confused about how betting odds work. Below we discuss how to read the betting odds:

How to read betting odds

There are a few different ways of reading betting odds. The default option, and the one that most Americans are familiar with, is known as ‘American Odds’. You will know that you are looking at a site using American odds if you see a number with a + or – in front of it. So, what does this mean?

  • If you see a + before a number, such as +304, then this would indicate an underdog bet. The number displayed after the + is how much you would win if you staked $100.
  • If you see a – before a number, such as -110, then this would indicate the favorite. The number displayed is how much you would need to bet to win $100. In this case, if you bet $110 then you could win $100.

Don’t worry if betting odds seem confusing to you. The online sportsbook will always calculate the potential winnings for you. It is just important that you know how to quickly read betting odds to determine which bets have the potential to be profitable.

How to place an NFL bet

Gambling at an online sportsbook for the first time can be daunting, but let’s put it into perspective, it’s not like you are trying to charter a private jet which is costing you thousands. All you are doing is staking a small amount on a bet. The process is incredibly easy. To place your first bet:

  1. Sign up for a top online NFL sportsbook. Check our list below for a few recommendations.
  2. Check out any bonuses that you have available on the NFL betting platform.
  3. Make your first deposit, but only ever deposit what you feel comfortable potentially losing.
  4. Research the bet that you want to place. Although, since this is your first bet, it may be worth sticking with the moneyline.
  5. Find the bet on the betting platform and set your stake.
  6. Press the ‘Place Bet’ option.
  7. Hope for the best!

Top US sportsbooks with the best NFL betting offers

Here are five of the best platforms in 2023 for NFL betting:

DraftKings – Bet $5 and get $200 in bonus bets instantly

DraftKings has one of the best bonus offers out of all the NFL sportsbooks. Bet $5, and you get access to $200 in bonus credit. DraftKings is a tremendous platform when it comes to bet selection, customer support and betting odds.

Unibet – $100 second chance bet

Many online sportsbooks in the US have a promotion known as an ‘insurance bet’, or as most sites call it now — a second chance bet. With Unibet, your first bet of up to $100 is ‘insured’. If you lose the bet, you get the cash back as a bonus credit to use on another bet. 

BetMGM – Get up to $1,000 paid back in bonus bets

BetMGM is one of the biggest names in the NFL betting platforms space right now. BetMGM runs a lot of NFL promotions throughout the year and you’ll find the betting odds at BetMGM are often among the best. Your first bet of up to $1,000 is ‘insured’. Lose, and you get up to $1,000 back in bonus bets.

BetRivers – 2nd chance bet up to $500

BetRivers is rapidly becoming a big name when it comes to NFL betting in 2023. They have a great selection of bets, including a rather robust live betting system. Your first bet of up to $500 is protected on the platform. Lose, and you get a bonus bet of the same value. 

Desert Diamond Sports – $250 welcome matched bonus

The Desert Diamond Sports welcome bonus is a bit different from these other platforms. They will match your first deposit of up to $250, so you could have up to $250 extra to gamble on the NFL. The sportsbook is a little smaller, but don’t let that put you off — they still have a fantastic selection of bets. 

As you can see, when it comes to NFL betting platforms, you have a massive selection of places to choose from. If you want to start betting today, we highly recommend that you gamble at any of our top five suggestions. This is where we spend most of our time.

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