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Tips, strategy and importance of learning spelling

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dictation words for grade 12

Teaching spelling to children may be simple, neither for teachers nor for children. Furthermore, regular guardians, the individuals who perhaps assist the little ones with their schoolwork in grade school, or the individuals who appreciate doing little activities and language games with their kids, can likewise help.

It is surely hard to effectively consolidate the verbally expressed word and its sound with the right spelling and spelling, however something should be possible to go with youngsters on this excursion. L ‘ spelling is a genuine expertise, like music or math, since it requests that the youngster foster the capacity to store some counter-intuitive examples, and some may have more difficulty than others.

Tips and strategies for learning English

In each lesson, they teach you “tricks” to help you learn English better. The tricks are of different types:

·         Advice on how to use the course.

·         Effective study strategies.

·         In-depth grammar.

·         Extra information on specific words.

Pronunciation secrets for those who want to speak like the Queen.

Some tricks are also useful for those who study English with other methods. Here are a few.


The secret to perfect pronunciation is to train from the beginning to repeat words and phrases many times and always strictly aloud. Learning a foreign language is a bit like learning a tongue twister: the more times you repeat the same word or phrase, the better you become.

Use your voice

Reading mentally and reading aloud are two completely different activities. This is why so many people can understand what they read or what they hear, but they cannot speak.

Copy to remember

Copying words or phrases is the simplest and most effective exercise for memorizing spelling and sentence structure. You can also learn 12th grade spelling online for 12 grade kids. It may seem like a useless exercise at first, but you will soon realize that when you rewrite something, you memorize it faster, and you don’t need to go through the words or phrases too many times.

The golden mean

Learning English is like working out in the gym: never study too much, but not too little.

The importance of breaks

If you sometimes finish studying, you feel like you don’t remember anything at all, don’t worry: you’re just mentally saturated! Take a break, try to distract yourself, and maybe sleep on it. In 99% of cases, the next day, you remember everything!

Pronunciation improves with practice.

If you repeat a word or phrase you feel that your pronunciation is not very accurate, do not worry: it is normal, and it happens to everyone. The best online platform for learning is this will help you in learning spelling. Train them continuously as if you were learning a new sport. The more times you repeat, the easier it gets.

The mind is like a muscle.

If your study sessions are very long, remember to take a break. If you alternate a period of maximum effort with a period of rest, it strengthens, and its performance improves.

Studying must always be enjoyable.

When is it best to study? Certainly only when you feel like it! Never inflict the study on yourself. This is the only secret of who is constant and who reaches advanced levels.

Repeating is not enough. You have to imitate

English is not just a set of sentences, but it is also a way of thinking and, more generally, a different culture. If you want perfect English, repeating sentences correctly is not enough. Imitate the intonation, attitude, choice of words, and style of the English. The dictation words for grade 12 is very beneficial when going to learn English language.

The secret to learning anything

Everything you repeat improves: driving the car, typing on the computer, swimming, dancing. Your English improves in the same way: at first, it may seem difficult, but with practice, it becomes easy and natural.

Statistics show that students who stop studying are those who never take breaks. Even if they start well, after a few months, they feel saturated with notions and exhausted. If you want to achieve a good level of English, don’t underestimate breaks and holidays.

Importance of spelling for kids

Computers have spell checkers, but why is it important for children to learn to spell? Do you remember?  It is a myth that English is chaotic and meaningless. Sure, the spelling isn’t simple, but it can be deciphered once people understand its structure.

Conclusion: To speak a foreign language very fluently, you need to adopt an alternative identity temporarily. If you cling too much to your identity and nationality, you risk keeping the accent and intonation. Learn to play a role, temporarily become English, and you will see that your English will blow everyone away!

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