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Social Media is a tool that has gained much popularity these days. With different kinds of user-friendly features, social media never fails to surprise anyone. Social Media Applications like Facebook, Connected India, Instagram, etc. are giving people a platform to connect with the rest of the world. Many people find these applications as the best platform to share their opinions. Applications like Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. allow personalities from all around the globe to share their views and update the public on different matters.

Because of these applications, the whole world is now under our fingertips. Social Media has attracted mostly youths who it as an interesting source of entertainment. However, like every other thing, there are certain disadvantages of social media. We do not say that its disadvantages are more than its advantages, however these are not less. Since its creation, Social Media Applications have always been a debatable topic. In this article we have tried to discuss the pros and cons of these platforms. We leave it on you as to what weighs more.

Pros of Social Media Platforms

At the point when we take a gander at the positive part of online media, we discover various benefits. The most significant being an extraordinary gadget for schooling and education. All the data one needs or wants access to is only a tick away. There have been many studies that have proven social media platforms as one of the best sources to get information. 

Social Media also allows you to attend live sessions from all around the world. Suppose a live session is being held in Australia, all the social media platforms allow you to access this live session while sitting in India. This is the power of social media.

Moreover, as an ever increasing number of people are shifting their interests from papers, they are relying upon web-based media for news and updates of different topics. Using social media applications, you are constantly refreshed on the most recent happenings of the world. If used in the best way, you can update yourself with every major or minor thing happening around the world and keep yourself updated in the society.

Social Media applications further fortify bonds with your friends and family. Now it doesn’t matter if your friend or family member lives thousands kilometers away from you. All you need to have is a social account. Once you and your dear ones are there on social media, you can easily send messages, do video calls, voice calls, et. and all for free.

Moreover, social media platforms offer an amazing platform to the youths to showcase their creativity and talent in front of the world. It offers an incredible stage with a live audience that can react to your work within seconds.

Last but not the least, social media platforms offer a wide and comprehensive consumer market to the companies willing to promote their product or services. With everything under fingertips, companies can modify their ads, select their target audience, and perform all such activities that can help them gain publicity.

Cons of Social Media Platforms

As you have understood the advantages of Social Media platforms, it is time to discuss their disadvantages. Social Media platforms are often termed as one of the most harmful elements of the society that can impact lives of people in a negative way. Let us understand how!

Social Media gives you complete freedom to do and share anything you want. However the same goes for others. It thus harms your privacy. It makes children prone to predators as no one is there to control what anyone dones on social media. Hence, it is always advised to parents to monitor whatever their children do on social media pages.

Another rising issue related to social media is addiction. It has been observed that many children fail in their class because of their addiction to Social media. They get attracted to glamour and different things that eat up all their time.

One more thing that is of a major concern is the fake news spread on social media. There is no control over what anyone shares. As millions of people read news posted by others, it might result in a sudden panic.


These were some of the major pros and cons of social media platforms. However it is the person who has to decide the best way of using these platforms. On one hand, social media platforms can educate students, whereas on the other hand it can distract them from their studies as well.


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