The Fox And The Crane

One day in the forest of Chandrapuri animals was having that At that time one red fox came to the place. As soon as he came the animals stopped chatting. He asked them, Why have you all stopped talking? May I also join with you? In that group, there was a crane. He was very wise and intelligent also. Everybody liked him very much

The crane invited the red fox to join the group for chatting. But some animals in that group did not like this. So they slowly walked away from that place.

The red fox liked the crane very much because of his friendly attitude

After the day of the meeting the crane and the fox used to meet every evening under a tree. one day the fox invited the crane to his house for dinner. The crane accepted his invitation. The arena went the home and dressed neatly and went to fox s house.

The food was arranged neatly on a plate. As soon the crane saw this he told the fox,

Oh, dear ! I can’t eat from a plate! He politely told the fox

I am going home. Goodbye

The crane was very sad that he had a cunning friend like the fox.

The next evening, as usual, they met at the same place. The crane asked the fox

How are you today?

The fox replied,

I am fine,

The crane invited fox for a meal. The fox went to the crane s house. The crane gave him a warm welcome.

Come in, fox, my friend, please sit down.

The food will be ready within an hour, said the crane they started talking about the jungle and other animals.

Then the crane went inside the kitchen and invited the fox for dinner. The dinner was served in a big narrow jug. Now the fox was in real trouble. The fox could not eat the delicious food served by the crane as the neck of the jug was narrow.

The fox understood that he had been treated in the same way as he treated the crane He went home with hungry. While 90ch ham he thought I did harm to the innocent animal for it is coming back to me immediately

MORAL OF THE STORY:: As you sow, shall you reap so Tit for tat

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