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Summer Came Early With These Five Stylish Straw Hats For Women

straw hat

straw hat

If a style is what you’re after, straw hats and summer are made for each other. However, in the warmer months, the sky is the limit for your creativity when selecting the perfect summer hat. The market for straw hats is full of creative and stylish hats designed to match every outfit.

Various designs, colors, and styles of these straw hats ensure that you are not compromising with your style statement while protecting yourself against the sun. But some hats are designed to match every look, casual or classic. However, with so much variety, women always find it challenging to choose a perfect hat for their faces. 

Five Trending Straw Hat Designs for Women

Generally, these straw hats are categorized into different types based on their style and design. From simple wide brim straw hats to more elegant floral stripe fedora hats, there are other choices for every hat lover. Additionally, some straw hats come with hat bands attached at the bottom of the crown, giving them a western touch. So, if you want to update your wardrobe with new hats this summer, follow these five stylish straw hats for women.

  1. Florence Straw Sun Hat

This stylish hat is made of genuine straw and features a high-quality brim lined with satin. The projection is curved for a flattering fit and elegant look. It also has a small gold satin flower on the right side of the brim, which gives this straw hat an exclusive look. 

This hat could be the perfect tool to help you stand out at any party or occasion. For the beach lover, its wide brim will provide shade for your face, neck, and hair. Moreover, this fashionable summer hat comes with brown ribbon closure at the back of the head, ensuring its secure stay. 

  1. Floral Stripe Wide Brim Straw Hat

After a classic look, ladies can choose natural colors for better results. So start your vacation by achieving a perfect polished look with a Floral Stripe straw hat! Floral Strip is one of those classic straw hats for women, which comes in bright colors to suit every style. 

This hat’s flexible brim feature helps maintain a natural shape after wear, giving it a classic appeal. This means there is no need to worry about reshaping this straw hat frequently. If you want to add more fun, you can try a matching scarf or some contrasting hat band in your look. 

  1. Roxy Wide Brim – Straw Hat

This straw hat features a high-quality brim lined with satin to give you a flawless, polished appearance. The brim is flexible and adjustable to provide an elegant style look while protecting your face from the sun. There is also a tiny stone embellishment on the front of this hat, which gives it an exclusive look. 

This straw hat is made from 100 percent natural straw and can be worn on the beach and poolside. Panama straws are versatile, lightweight, and come with a breathable design. Additionally, these hats have a unique removable sweatband for extra comfort for the wearer. 

  1. Garland Western Woman Straw Hat

This straw hat for women is specifically designed for the western lady. It features natural straw, which can be easily combined with other accessories during picnic and beach days. In addition, the adjustable brim ensures that this straw hat will always stay in place, so you won’t need to worry about sliding while having fun at the beach.

In addition, the high-quality material ensures that it will last through all outdoor activities and is resistant to water, dirt, and sun damage. To bring a change in your outfit, choose this wide-brimmed hat, which comes in different shaded.

  1. Tuscany Straw Fedora Trilby Hat

This straw hat features a flexible brim to give you the perfect fit. The brim has a headband with color-coordinated ribbon to keep it in place and allow sun protection. In addition, it has a soft and comfy 100 percent natural straw fabric, which ensures that it will last through challenging conditions, as it is resistant to water, dirt, and sun damage. 

A Tuscany straw hat will work for parties and beach holidays to get the best out of your looks. Moreover, this trilby hat is suitable for casual events like picnics and outings. To make it more stylish, pick any of your western outfits and carry them confidently. Add one of these fashionable hats to your summer wardrobe today. 

Final Thoughts!

It’s easier than ever to find stylish hats that complement your style today, thanks to these new lines of women’s hats featuring bold colors, unique designs, and lightweight fabrics. In addition, the straw hats for women are available in different shapes and sizes to ensure that you can find the perfect style for your summer outings.

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