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Keeping a Home Ready for Any Season

by Bryan Cunningham
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No matter what time of the year it may be, homeowners across the United States can expect extreme temperatures and severe weather. If the weather is not an immediate threat, problems are lurking right around the corner. During the summer months, sweltering heat, humidity, and thunderstorms plague much of the nation. When winter rolls around, ice, snow, and wind become major problems. Because of that, keeping homes ready for all seasons is essential.

Keep HVAC Systems in Optimal Condition

One trick to beating extreme temperatures is keeping the HVAC system in optimal condition. Be sure to have an air conditioning system inspection performed before summer takes hold. That’ll ensure the system is ready to keep the house cool and dry when temperatures and humidity levels soar. In the fall, have a heating system tune-up carried out to make sure the heater is ready to help residents brave the cold.

Check Weather Stripping

Another important step in seasonal preparedness is checking weather stripping around windows and doors. These seemingly simple seals help to keep heat, cold, and moisture outside where they belong. They can wear out over time, though. When they do, they provide little protection against the elements. That, in turn, can cause heating and cooling costs to skyrocket. Keep an eye on the weather stripping around those windows and doors, and replace it as needed.

Keep Windows in Good Shape

Windows play a key role in keeping homes comfortable all year long. Today’s options are more airtight and energy efficient than their predecessors, so having old, inefficient windows replaced with new ones could be a cost-effective move. Still, even the most efficient windows may be ineffective if their frames and other components are worn or damaged. Regular window inspections performed by professionals are recommended.

Maintain Insulation

Insulation is also a significant factor to keep in mind. Without adequate insulation, all the other measures listed here are irrelevant. Insulation is the main component in maintaining a home’s energy efficiency and interior comfort. Of course, not all types of insulation provide the same level of protection and may not prevent heat transfer and moisture intrusion.

Some types of insulation settle or degrade over time, so they may need to be reinforced or replaced. Having spray foam insulation installed can solve that problem, as it can last for 80 years or more. Using this type of insulation to seal gaps left behind by other materials is a good idea as well. Spray foam insulation thwarts heat transfer and moisture more effectively than many other materials on the market.

Being Ready for Any Season

Even well-built homes lose efficiency over time due to damage and degradation. When that happens, they’re not effectively protected against the elements, and their interior comfort levels may drop. Routine HVAC maintenance will help keep extreme temperatures and humidity levels at bay. Keeping windows and weather stripping in good condition will make a difference as well. Above all else, having adequate levels of high-quality insulation will safeguard a home and its occupants against extreme weather, moisture, and many other problems.

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