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Short Stories With Biblical Morals | The Magic Bowl

short stories with biblical morals

short stories with biblical morals

Short stories with biblical morals

Here are the best short stories with biblical morals Once upon a time, a poor Brahmin named Govinda lived in a remote village called Cholavaram. This place was belonging to the famous Chola kingdom. He had a wife and two sons. They were living in utter poverty

One day his wife told him to go and visit and pray to Lord Kailasanath in Kanchi. He did not have money to pay for the cart. He walked all the way to Kanchi to pray Lord Kailasanath. After praying in the temple, while he was returning, he met an old woman in the forest.

The old woman was sitting near a hut. Govinda went near the old woman and requested for a place to stay for the night. The old woman gave him food and shelter. The next day she presented him with a silver bowl.

She said,

“My son, this is a precious bowl. Every morning after sunrise if you rub the bowl upside down you will get one gold coin. With that money, you can solve all your problems. You can live a happy life with your family.”

Govinda was very happy. He thanked God and the old lady for giving him such a present. He has to cross a dense forest to reach his home. It was dark, and he could not see anything.

He was whispering Lord Kailsa s name while walking. He saw a rest house. and he went inside and asked the manager for a room to stay for the night. The manager gave accommodation to him.

Short stories with biblical morals for kids

Govinda wanted to have a bath before dinner. Hence he requested the manager to keep his bag safe.

After an hour he came back and asked the manager for his bag; The manager returned his bag.

After finishing his work the manager came to Govinda for chatting. During their conversation, the manager came to know that Govinda was. having a silver bowl that gave him a gold coin, clothes, and food every day.

While Govinda was asleep the manager changedGovinda s silver bowl with another ordinary bowl.

Govinda got up, thanked the manager and set off home taking the silver bowl with him.

As soon as he reached home he called his wife and children to see the lovely gift which he had got from an old woman

He narrated how to use the silver bowl. His wife tried but nothing came out from that. He was shocked and realized that it was the work of the manager only

Immediately he decided to go and asked the manager. But his clever wife stopped him.

She asked her husband not to go immediately, but to go after two or three days. Then she told her husband when he met the manager tell him that the old lady had come and given you another bowl which would give two gold coins, and meets two times a day; instead of one every day.

The poor Govinda went to the same rest house after three days. There he met the manager and repeated what his wife had told him to do.

“Sir I want to give you this bowl as a present to feed all the travelers who come here”

Jesus story for kids in english

The manager was very greedy. He thought if I can get one gold coin extra every day, I can hand over the old one to him.

He went inside his office room and brought the magic silver bow! saying 0 Brahmin you had left this silver bowl here. Please take it.

Biblical moral Story for kids

The Brahmin handed over him the bowl brought by him. Govinda went home very happy with the magic silver bowl, given by the old lady

In the meantime, the manager tried again and again with the bowl he got from the brahmin, but he did not get anything Govinda thanked his wife for her shrewd intelligence and lived happily ever after

moral of the story: Two good minds are better than one

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