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SASSA Status Check Pending


Read a brief article with all the information on the SASSA status check pending so you can know the reason behind it.


Thousands of South African people apply for the SASSA loan payment or monthly grants because of the financial drought in the country. After the application has been submitted, SASSA asks everyone to keep on checking their status on the website so they can have an idea. Most people have complained that their applications are pending and they do not know the reason. I have written the article on the SASSA pending status along with all the possible reasons. Read the information so you can reapply to make the process efficient.

SASSA Status Check Pending

You all might know that the SASSA loan is only eligible for South African residents who are old, disabled, or pensioners. The South African Social Security Agency is a national institution that helps people who are in search of new opportunities to support them financially. Most people cannot visit the SASSA office because of many reasons so they can send someone else to initiate the process. The application can also be submitted with the help of your mobile phone on different platforms.

You can keep a check on the status of the loan or loan application to estimate the time of the grant. Many people complain that their application status comes as “pending” even after all the formalities are completed. This means that SASSA has not processed their application or it has not yet been approved by the higher authorities. There is a high chance that SASSA, like all other national institutions, has too much workload. The application for the grant payment or loan is still being processed.

If your application has a pending status, you can reapply for the relief fund and wait for the response. It is a national institution and all the applicants are in dire need of help or some financial assistance to fulfill their basic needs. SASSA has made a wing and named it SRD, Special Relief of Distress. You can reapply here to make the process efficient or let the higher authorities know that they are in extreme need of help.

SASSA itself asks the applicants to keep checking their status so they can have an idea about the process. Everything is done systematically so you will receive an official message when your request has been accepted. Your bank account will be verified for transferring the monthly grants or loan payments as per your application. It is all done and verified through an official website and will take up to a week. Even after the request has been accepted, you should keep on checking the status.

How To Check SASSA Status?

The SASSA application status can be checked on the official website of the institution. You can visit the website and enter the same cell phone number that was mentioned on the application form. An OTP code will be sent on your mobile phone which has to be entered on the website for verification. This is an important step that makes sure that no one else is checking your account. You will now see the status of the application on your mobile screen.

Reasons For Delay In SASSA Loan

As mentioned above in the article, SASSA is a national institution that provides funds for helping people who fall into eight categories. There can be multiple reasons for the delay, one of which might be the workload. Thousands of people apply for this loan because South African people went through a financial drought. Secondly, the global pandemic of COVID-19 has caused delays in the grants. All the economies have suffered great losses including the South African government.

This is one of the main reasons that has been declared by SASSA itself. Some people provide the wrong information as a result of which their payments get delayed. All the details including income, identity, and residence are checked before granting the money. If any of the information is incorrect or missing, it will eventually lead to delay. If the status is pending and the applicant realizes that any of his details are misleading, he can update the form on the SRD’s platform.


Why is my SASSA R350 still pending transaction?

The pending SASSA R350 grant means that your application is still in process and has not reached the higher authorities for approval. There might be a chance that some of your details are missing or incorrect in the form.

What does SASSA mean by pending?

The pending status by SASSA means that your application has not been processed by the South African Social Security Agency yet.

Does SASSA money expire if not withdrawn?

No, SASSA’s loan will not expire even if you do not withdraw the money and you can get it anytime you want.


A brief article with some useful information on SASSA’s pending status is written so the applicants can have an idea. This means that your application has something missing and is not being approved. You can reapply under the SRD wing or update the information. The official website has all the details about the processing of your loan payment or grant applications.

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