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Sales Funnel Optimization Strategies

So You Want To Sell

There are many people who think that the only optimal sales strategy to pursue is one that relies upon battering your customers over the head with the notion that they need the product you are offering. What people often forget is that engagement is not just about convincing the consumer of the quality of your product but also convincing the consumer of your expertise in the space itself, which is a hard task if you are struggling to make sure that you have a really strong relationship with the consumer.

When people think about the concept of your brand, you want them to be strictly aware of how robust your offerings are, and in this way, the sales funnel optimization strategies that you employ will have to be carefully crafted so that the consumer does not feel like you are trying to get a sale before you provide them with education as to why you deserve that sale. The conversion rates that you will enjoy as a result of having a strong sales funnel will be so strong that you can laugh all the way to the bank about how difficult your life was before you created the sales funnel for yourself and your business. The key to increasing sales is engaging with your consumers in such a way that you add value with each stage of your interactions with them.

Grabbing Your Customer

You want your consumer to be happy that they even embarked on this process with you in the first place, so that each moment you are able convince them of your expertise in your field, you are closer to the moment where conversion is all but inevitable. You simply must provide value to the person who is going to engage with your brand, so that they go from becoming a person to a prospect and from a prospective customer to an active consumer of your product and if you are lucky, a regular customer who re-engages with your brand regularly and finds that you are providing the only solution available to their pain point. So let us think about the various forms of sales funnels you can enjoy and use as you build your conversion rates regularly.

The first and perhaps most important thing you must do is capture your prospect’s awareness. You want the customer to be at attention, aware that you have the item that you are offering and aware that your sales category is even in existence. Then, you want to build interest in your offerings, piquing their interest in what you have to offer and the quality of your offerings. Then you should create a desire for the item by conveying to the customer the high quality of your offerings so that you can then make a conversion into actions. And when that actionable moment happens, you want to be ready so that when you ask the prospective customer to purchase your items, they are more than willing to part with their hard-earned cash.Image

Holding Your Customer

There are other forms of sales funnels that you can try like the ones at — so let us think about the other possibilities available. You might begin by offering your customer some bait, which is a freebie, a free sample or a free offer that magnetizes your customer towards your brand. Let us think about this for a moment when we think about how important a free sample has been in our lives before. When you walk through the mall food court here in the United States of America, someone will inevitably be standing outside with a platter full of delectable treats for you to try. People are perfectly content to give away a few hundred dollars’ worth of food over the course of a week if it provides them with a conversion to a regular customer who loves to eat what they have to offer.

The next thing you have to offer your customer is a front-end deal. This is an affordable, easy to choose deal that will be a no-brainer for your customers to engage with. A great example of this is the coupon that can be provided after the sample. If you go to a makeup store and you want to receive a tester of the latest hottest foundation. Before you commit to the purchase, they provide you with a sample that you can wear on your face and test over the course of several days to make sure that the foundation you are looking for matches your undertone and other tones on your skin. The way you provide the customer with a front-end deal in this instance would be to, perhaps, provide the customer with a really good coupon that will allow them to save a good percentage of the total cost for their first purchase.

Keeping Your Customer

Then you can provide the customer with a middling experience, which is a more expensive offer that can provide the customer with additional value, like a matching concealer that fits the foundation you just offered them a discount for. This additional product is going to add to the overall cost that the customer will endure, and yet, you are helping the customer build out an entire makeup regimen that fits with the discounted foundation you have provided them with thereby incentivizing that customer to purchase even more items from your store and building a greater trust between your brand and that customer who by now trusts you considerably more than they did when they walked into your store. 

Lastly, you can offer the customer your most expensive offer, but make sure that that offer provides the greatest value to your customer. For example, now that you have persuaded your customer to buy foundation and concealer, direct your customer towards the correct contouring products, setting powder and color corrector that will complete the finished face. In this way, you have created conversions based on selling your customer on the overall value of the product line you carry, and not just the individual products.

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