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What to do for resolving the 0x8007007B error code in Windows 10

Windows 10 error code 0x8007007B

In Windows PC, 0x8007007B error code appears when the user is activating the OS after upgrading it. But some users also get the error code due to other reasons. While activating the Windows, some files went missing and the error appears on the screen. The user has to check for all the possible issues which can lead to 0x8007007B error code. 

Reasons for getting 0x8007007B error code:

  1. Your Windows upgrade process gets corrupted
  2. System files are showing error
  3. Malware is interrupting the upgrade process
  4. Windows activation key is not working
  5. Some malicious programs are interrupting the Windows activation process

Troubleshooting 0x8007007B error code in Windows 10:

Try multiple activation key

Users can get the Windows error code 0xc00000e9 when the key management service is not working. When the KMS is not working on your Windows then the user can try using the multiple activation keys. 

  1. Open the command prompt and run it as admin
  2. User may have to enter Admin credentials
  3. On the cmd screen, type slmgr -ipk
  4. Type your product key

Re-check the product key before hitting the Enter button. If the error is appearing due to KMS then using this method will troubleshoot your error. But make sure you are entering the valid key for activation. Also, type the key correctly and check for the dashes between the key code also.

Try running the SFC tool

The Windows activation error occurs when some of the system files are preventing the process. When the system files get corrupted; they start interrupting various processes of the system.

The user has to fix those files to activate the Windows. On the system, go to files folder. Check for the error files. Edit the files and repair them. But never edit the system files if you are not experienced. If you edit the wrong files then your whole Windows PC can start showing error.

Users can ask for professional help or can use the sfc tool. The inbuilt system file checker tool will inspect for the error causing files. If any file is showing an error then the sfc tool will fix it. Open the cmd screen and then run the sfc/scannow. Wait until the sfc tool is scanning your device. After repairing the corrupted system files; the user should try to activate the Windows.

Scan your computer

Your Windows can show the activation error when the system is dealing with viruses. Some dangerous viruses of the system can interrupt the Windows activation process. These viruses or malware won’t allow system activation. You have to remove all the malware from the computer for fixing the error.

Open the system and run the antivirus. The free antivirus won’t remove all the dangerous viruses from your system. You will require a good antivirus that can remove all types of malware from the system. Scan the computer and remove the viruses. Now restart the device and again try to activate the Windows upgrade.

Remove the malicious programs

Users should check for the list of installed programs. Sometimes, a user has installed a program that can interrupt your processes. People often installed pirated programs for accessing the paid content. But as you know, these programs usually contain adware or maybe other types of malware. Third-party programs allow you the tool for free but can corrupt your files or steal the data.

While upgrading the OS, these malicious programs can interrupt the system to make changes. Users have to remove the malicious programs before upgrading the system. Check all the installed programs. If you notice any program which you don’t remember installing then remove it. Uninstall all the third-party, pirated or malicious programs from your devices. Now reopen the system and activate the system with your key.

Try using Slui 3 

When Windows 10 is not activating on the system then try to run the Slui 3 command. Open the Run wizard and type Slui 3 command. Now press the Enter and you will see the Windows activate wizard. Type the key on the wizard and then press the Activate button.

Your system will get restarted and then check for the new upgrade on the system. If you have any query about the Windows activation error then contact the Windows team directly.

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