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Men’s Cowhide Leather Jacket

What is cowhide leather and how is cowhide leather unlike other leather types for jackets?

What is leather Cowhide? Cowhide leather is unbleached skin, natural leather, and bovine hair. Cowhides are cattle meat industry by-products. Roughly 65% of all leather is from the cattle group.

Cowhide is the most waterproof, and the most commonly used natural leather. The waterproof, strong, thick and durable nature makes it the material of choice for classic motorbike jackets, in particular since the beginning of the 1920s.

As well as being waterproof, Cowhide is also dirt resistant and provides maximum protection to its jackets.

For a thousand years, humans have been using various types of animal hides including cowhide leather. Some of the earliest procedures for the conversion of animal hides in leather included the use of tools such as scraper to purify the fat off the hides apart from its use in tan hides for animals.

What is the reason for Leather?


Yeah, we’re going to go ahead and make it at the top of the list.

Attitude. Style, fun, class, unique character, a bad boy’s atmosphere, call it what you want, but leather is not clothed.

Leather’s nice thing is that its tough guy appeal is timeless, not trendy. We combine mens cowhide leather jackets with roughness because since the early days of humanity robust people have depended on leather. The way ripened jeans or metal stubble are is not a build image.

Therefore, even with an excellent and smooth style of a jacket, the mens cowhide leather jacket gives its wearer a sensation of toughness, competence and edginess. Attitude that doesn’t appear to be too difficult to adopt and that’s one of the best reasons for wearing leather.


Leather is hard on a much more practical note. For its entire life, leather hide protects an animal. For almost the whole of human history, personal armor used leather to guard the bubble-resistant synthesis until the advent of the 20th century.

Hopefully you won’t have to turn a knife or protect yourself from a bear’s teeth anymore, but the toughness that protects from it is also good for less wear every day. A good mens cowhide leather jacket made from hide of quality, well treated, should last through nicks and scrapes of every kind.

The same strength also provides good protection against the weather. Leather is an excellent break and is waterproof; most jackets add waterproofing compounds these days during hide treatment. A cowhide leather jacket will remain warm and dry long after the wind, rain or snow has gone through the same wool or denim jacket.


Not exactly the same as protection, its natural longevity is the durability of the leather. Good hide gets softer as it gets older, but does not crack or divide. The leather can last a lifetime if you are careful to treat it if it needs it.

It should be remembered that in museums around the world we still have leather clothes and blankets worn by Roman soldiers. You can get mens cowhide leather jacket to keep you, and your children alive, if you’re willing to spend a bit upfront on a quality product.

This is good for anybody and a great deal of consideration for practical men whose jackets are used outdoors. Even harsh denim or frays on canvas and eventually separates thread by thread. There is nothing to unravel in leather, because the fabric is weak – the fibers are matted to natural solids. You won’t see your jacket breaking down on you until you avoid a punching process that goes cleanly through.

Real Living Men Real Style Reality


The first thing I’ve ever thought about is the length from top to bottom. The longer the coat is, the more practical it is as weatherproof clothing. There is therefore a strong link between trench coats and shafts and men who work outside. It’s a little pretentious to wear one in your office.

Most leather jackets – jackets rather than coats – are just that. The lower hem falls around the tail. A higher snugger hem is more sleek, while a rough and outdoor look is a rope which falls past the hips with a bit of loose hips.

That makes it much easier, but, in general, for stylish jackets, when zipping your jacket, your belt should be visible. Something more fine when you work with cattle or wood.


The column is much about a leather jacket in shape and size.

Shorts of fashion and motorcycles and racing cars are related to close collars that do not turn down.. They give the sleekest and sleekest look.

A short and soft collar which can or can be turned down to frame the mushroom is a casual style associated with military surplus and street wear. This bit of disappointment is “robust casual.” It’s typical for loose-cut jackets.


It’s more casual. More details are also more informal on the pockets.

That means, logically, that your more sharp leather jackets have a smooth front. Since it’s not very convenient for the most trendy jackets, instead, choose a pair of jetted pockets with a small leather opening without a flap or button. This can be vertical or horizontal, but a vertical or sharp diagonal split is typical of jacks looking for streamlined form on both sides.

More casual jackets add flaps and turn the bags into completely horizontal openings. Dresser styles have the bags sewn on the inside, while more casual bags have bigger pockets sewn out so that the back of the bag lies in the front of the bag.

There’s a casual jacket anything with more than two pockets on the fore. For a fatigue style, four front pouches are very standard and dusters and trench dresses often have pockets up and down the waist.

Buttons & Zippers

Zipper’s smarter; chunkier buttons. Practical zips are also easier to operate, while buttons can be repaired or replaced easier.

Some schools of thought are contradictory as to whether a man should wear buttons at all. For much of the 20th century Leather jackets with large round buttons have been feminine style, while men wore leather jackets with buttons in both World Wars. A lot of cattlers still prefer buttons because when the jacket squeezes, they just pop away, instead of tearing off the leather.

Basically this wreaks up to a cultural gap: urban sharp jackets rarely use buttons, while robust jackets are equipped with zips and buttons. You can do whatever it takes, but a smart and modern jacket with buttons risks looking a bit feminine.


Not every leather or even animal is of the same leather. A number of surfaces are created for various hides with different treatments: cowhide leather is very common, hard and straightforward.. Most of it’s made of leather jackets. The leather is thicker and tougher and takes a long time to break in. Quality can greatly vary depending on the animal from which the leather comes and how the hide is treated. Look for thick and not entirely rigid leather in the rack. Generally speaking, mens cowhide leather jacket will be the cheapest, but it can be more expensive than an all-purpose, utilitarian bison jacket. Quality with everything varies greatly and a poorly tanned hide has a fraction of the longevity of top-class leather.

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