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Luxury Sailing: 5 Luxury Yacht Charter Tourism in Mallorca

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Before you embark on your luxurious visit to Mallorca, choose the perfect yacht. If you are new to the experience, you need someone to help you select the best vessels. Alternatively, you can browse different charter services, their offers, and types of vessels and choose one that meets all your needs.

Mallorca has various yacht charter services, but not all will be perfect, especially if you need something comfortable for a week-long trip. Instead of spending more time reading different categories, you can narrow it down to these five options.

1. My Mallorca Charter by DMA Yachting Charter Services

If you are looking for various yacht options to consider for your Mallorca vacation, this is one of the top charters to check out. With a Google rating of 4.8 out of 5, you will get the best service, including an itinerary and advice on the best yacht options for your venture.

The other benefit of chartering from the best luxury yacht charter Mallorca, is the ability to select the perfect vessel to accommodate everyone accompanying you for the trip. The yachts vary in design, size, model, company, and other luxury accessories offered on board. Regardless of your choice, you can always be sure to enjoy the ultimate luxury on board.

Unlike other yachting charters, these yachts are more affordable. However, the price may vary based on the duration of use and the type of yacht selected. 

All the yachts have amazing accommodations and amenities to make your life at sea memorable. You can also request extra customization to boost your holiday experience. Finally, the destinations are unlimited, as you can use the yacht to visit all the locations on the island. 

2. Dream Yacht Charter

Besides the yacht, this charter also offers crewed and bareboat charters, so you have the most flexible options to consider. Unlike other services, the charter employs crews worldwide to ensure you have a customized and the best experience on board. 

The customizations also include tailored meals based on your culture and request and a meal plan, which you can create upon boarding the yacht. 

Once on board, you do not need a guide since the crews are experienced on the island and will help you create a luxury itinerary of Mallorca. Wherever you go on land, you will always have a crew guide to help you explore Mallorca. 

Your week-long experience onboard one of the yachts will be amazing since all the crews work to make you happy. The crew has also explored Mallorca often; you will have the most fun with them.

3. ECC Yacht Charter Mallorca

With a Google rating of 4.5 out of 5, this is one of the best charter services to consider. They do not have their own yachts but link owners to renters. Based on the catalog and available options, you can specify the yacht you need, and the team will book it for you. 

Another alternative is to choose the destination you wish to visit, and the team will help you get the yacht you need to enjoy your vacation. Caution: the charter services are part-time company; you will get the Mallorca services from May to October.

Most clients report having a better experience than they anticipated. For instance, the crew can teach you how to pilot the yacht and use the toys and other resources for the guests. They are also known for their vast experience in European yacht charters and expertise in European destinations.

4. Super Yacht Charter Mallorca

If you need something big to accommodate all your friends, you know the best charter services to consider. This is also the best option if you are a celebrity who needs privacy and luxury. You have the resources to accommodate your entire team, friends, or staff as you enjoy your visit to Mallorca. 

Due to the size of the yachts, they may only be able to get close to some of the desired destinations and areas. Lucky for you, they have extra yacht accessories like boats and tenders to enable you to get to the last mile location. You can access every area you need to visit. 

The beauty of hiring these charters is the accessories and amenities offered. These yachts have fun facilities like water jets, snorkeling equipment, etc. You can have as much marine adventure as you wish.

You need to be aware of the prices. However, that does not matter, especially if you have the best yachting experience and venture. 

5. SNS Yacht Charter Mallorca

With SNS yacht experience, there is always an option for everyone. You can select different yachts from 15 to 45 meters within the catalog. The budget also varies for each; hence, you do not have to choose a bigger yacht and leave more spaces unutilized. 

Once you set sail from the port of Palma de Mallorca, you can use the yacht to explore any area. You also get flexible services, i.e., you can ask the crew to add other fun accessories to the yacht to make your marine experience captivating. 

All these yachts come with standard and optional toys, but you can lease additional ones if needed. 


A luxury yacht is one of the greatest ways to explore Mallorca; however, you need one that will offer a memorable experience and comfort. 

From this list of five charter services, you can select the best one based on your needs and preferences. Once you make that choice, be ready for unique and scenic views. 

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