ISPs Will Find Full-Featured Multi-Tenant IP PBX Software a Money Spinning Tool - Moral Stories-Read and Enhance Your Moral Value.

The Internet Service Provider market shows a healthy growth rate of over 5.7% from 2015 to 2020 and it is set to increase even more as businesses switch to VoIP services. This is the right time to induct a money spinning tool and that is the multi-tenant IP PBX Software. The overall market size is $ 726 billion. So, even if you tap into a fragment you are looking at increase of revenues in millions. A Data Intelo report suggests that offering extra services is the key to tapping rich market opportunities and offering multi-tenant IP PBX solutions is one such service you can offer.

The Hosted Multi-tenant IP PBX

ISPs can offer IP PBX as a service or UcaaS when you have multi-tenant IP PBX at your command. You simply leap over the software development cycle and straightaway subscribe to the hosted multi-tenant IP PBX software. With this you can dial in more subscribers, even at enterprise level. Such enterprise level subscribers can, in turn, assign each branch office or location as a tenant or sub-tenant and so on. You could even have a separate string of resellers with their own tenant-sub-tenant structure. The software allows thousands of concurrent calls with minimum latency and crystal clear audio. In addition, there are dozens of features you can offer as a modular switch on-switch off feature so that users pay only for what they need, making your service even more attractive and affordable.

Automatic invoicing and payment

Launching IP PBX as a service is easy but managing it is difficult. However, the automatic invoicing for postpaid customers and balance tracker/reminder/recharge for prepaid customers overcomes this challenge. You can set rates according to customer type, according to modules and according to usage and also decide on currency and taxes. Configure the system to send out reminders and permit payment through Stripe/PayPal integration.

How do you manage costs and offer competitive rates? The solution features least cost routing that intelligently picks the least cost route offering the best quality of service.

Provisioning for all IP Phones, mobiles

The more customers you have the more challenges you face by way of provisioning SIP phones and permitting mobility extensions. Pick the right multi-tenant IP PBX and these become non-existent problems. The finest multi-tenant IP PBX software automatically provisions for all known brand IP phones. Plus, you get softphone that can be used on desktops and on mobiles with sync between the two. Your clients and their employees no longer need to be tied to desk phones. They have the IP PBX with them even while on the go and even when they travel abroad.

Layer UC on top

A vanilla phone is passé. Users need more. Layer UC on top in the multi-tenant hosted IP PBX and you can offer UC as a service. Throw in or offer as options features such as text messaging, chat, voicemail and email.

The cherry is undoubtedly WebRTC inclusion that is finding favor with users since it permits audio-video calls that can be turned into conferences and let participants exchange documents during the call. Given the leaning towards remote collaboration and work, this is the USP that will probably net you, maximum customers. WebRTC can be stand-alone or be tied to regular IP PBX SIP topology. Users can have 1000 participants in a conference and conduct multiple conferences.

Then there is the ubiquitous much loved/hated IVR which is so indispensable for users. You can offer multi-level intelligent IVR with the package or as an extra. With this, your users can assure 24×7 availability and be able to serve customers much better. This goes along nicely along with another feature known as Queue Pro which collects information about call status and agent status. The IVR receives and records calls and Queue Pro lets you keep track of responses and resolutions.

Standard features

Standard features are sort of expected to be included in any IP PBX worth its name but it still bears mentioning. You get voice logging, real time analytics, caller ID blocking, call distribution, whitelist/blacklist, ring groups, barge in, whisper, paging, direct inward system access, click to call, call forwarding and transfers as well as park and pickup. It is up to you to bundle all these or offer grouped features as modular options.

Extra features cover voice transcription that covers voicemail to text so you can print and maintain a record. You could add SMS/voicemail broadcasting and have a full-featured automated survey/marketing campaign tool to monetize. Surely, your clients will welcome this bundle that helps them launch automated marketing campaigns with minimum human intervention.

With so many features and given the fact that VoIP communications offer so much at such a low price you are bound to get subscribers by the thousands. All you need is the right multi-tenant IP PBX software with full backup support from the provider.


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