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Is Open Auto Transport the Right Choice for Your Vehicle?

Are you deciding what service to use the next time you move your vehicle? Perhaps you want to ship a car or need to move it across borders. Either way, you may want to consider open auto transport.

You might be familiar with this type of car shipment from seeing it when you’re on the road. But how do you know if it’s the right choice?

Here are a few ways to identify if open auto transport is the ideal option!

You Want to Save Costs

Among the available services for shipping cars, open auto transport is a budget-friendly option. They’re easier to book and find, so they tend to offer lower rates to keep up with the demand and competition.

It’s best to go for this service if you want to save on moving expenses or have a strict budget. If you don’t know how much to ship a car, it’s best to request for a quote from the company or click for car shipping costs here.

Shipping Distance is Short

Many find that open car transport is more convenient if you will be moving the car to a shorter distance. It means there’s not much to worry about during travel, so any extras aren’t a requirement.

Additionally, it makes sense to pay less if it’s a short-distance trip since it might not pass through several towns or highways.

High Protection is Not Necessary

An open car shipping service usually provides less protection compared to enclosed transportation. Since you’re paying for a cheaper service, this is also something you should expect.

Some car shipping companies with this service still provide a certain amount of protection to ensure safety. But note that it may be minimal, so you might have to protect your car yourself.

If you prefer more protection, you can ask each prospect about how they manage cars or compare car shipping quotes.

You Need Quicker Service

Open auto carriers are more accessible and can accommodate more vehicles at once. So, they will likely be available when you need them compared to other shipping options.

It means you get to book a schedule sooner and enjoy faster delivery times. They make an excellent choice if you’re working within a tight timeframe for your move.

You Prefer to See Your Vehicle

Some car owners prefer to see their vehicles while in transit. It can help you ensure it’s still there and safe, giving you peace of mind.

But note that it also means you’re putting your car at risk for other situations, like theft or other damages. If you’re shipping cars across country borders, it’s best to choose enclosed transport instead.

Find Out if Open Auto Transport is Best for You Right Here

Open auto transport is a popular car shipping option for several reasons. It’s ideal if you need fast booking and delivery, cheaper costs, or if your move isn’t too far out.

A few things to note are that it provides less protection and keeps your car visible throughout the trip. Even so, it’s a good choice if these aren’t necessary.

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