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How to Style a Perfect Entryway?

Exotic Interior Studio

As we all know “the first impression is the last impression”, and to create the best first impression of your house interior you have to style a perfect entryway. A beautiful and flawless entryway will please you as well as your guests just after entering the gate and will surely cheer up everyone’s mood. All the interior design Dubai companies also prioritize the styling of the entryway of the house and that too in a perfect way.

The Must-Haves to Style a Perfect Entryway

An entryway got to have the must-haves to be the flawless entryway. And here are the essentials to style a perfect entryway.

1. A Shoe Rack

A shoe rack is a very first thing to be placed in the entryway and the size must be according to the number of your family members. Or you can simply buy a big 2-3 tiered shoe rack that can smoothly hold the footwear of your family as well as the visiting guests. A not-so-heavy and minimal shoe rack will be the best if you don’t want to overdo your entryway because a bulky rack might appear messy.

2. Umbrella Stand and Coat/Scarf Rack

Place an umbrella stand near the door and create the perfect resting place for your umbrellas. You can either use an umbrella stand or a basket to work as the stand. Now, you don’t have to waste your time finding the umbrella before going out as you have your umbrella in the umbrella stand just by the door.  

If you wear a coat or scarf when going outside then a coat/scarf rack is a must-have for your entryway. Place a coat rack or stand in the entryway to hang your coats and scarfs in the right place. If the less space of your entryway doesn’t allow you to have a coat rack/stand then you can use strong hooks on the wall to hang your coats and scarfs.  

3. An Entry Table

An entry table with a few drawers or shelves will be a lifesaver for you to style a perfect entryway. The drawer and shelves will increase the storage space of your home and the table will hold a lot of things. Put a hand sanitizer on the table so that you can sanitize your hands every time you come in or go out. A narrow table with 2-3 selves can serve as a 2 in 1 table and shoe rack if you are low on entryway space.

4. Keyholder

Although a keyholder is a very small thing yet it is very useful and important for a perfect entryway. To keep your keys in a proper spot, a keyholder is a must-have or you can also use the ceramic bowl on the entry table as a key holder.

Make it Warm and Pleasing

According to interior design Dubai companies, a perfect entryway must be pleasing and welcoming and for that, it has to be a mixture of the essential things and beautiful décor pieces. Here is what you should add to your entryway to make it perfectly warm,


Style your entryway perfectly by implementing the above-given excellent suggestions by interior design Dubai companies and make the entryway of your house completely warm and pleasing. Take help from Exotic Interior Studio to style a perfect entryway of your home and we know that you are absolutely going to love the final results.

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