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How to Incorporate CBD Oil into Your Skin care Routine

CBD Oil into Your Skincare Routine CBD Oil into Your Skincare Routine

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These days, most people have at least heard of cannabidiol (CBD). However, most know it exclusively as a wellness support product that is taken orally in the form of oils, tinctures, or gummies. They don’t realize that CBD oil can also be incorporated into skincare routines to support skin health, regulate oil production, and even improve elasticity.

People who want to start using CBD oil for skincare have two options. They can purchase a premade balm or lotion from a popular brand or buy CBD oil and make their own beauty products. This article will focus on the latter option, offering examples of how to use CBD oil to supercharge existing skincare routines.

1. Mix with a Moisturizer

Mixing CBD oil with a favorite moisturizer is a great way to offer some extra support to exceptionally dry skin. Some people mix up full batches of CBD moisturizer at home, while others add a few drops to their moisturizer right before applying it each day. Either option is fine.

2. Use as a Spot Treatment

Technically, there’s no need to mix CBD oil with anything before applying it to the skin. High-quality oils offer natural anti-inflammatory properties, so they’re excellent for use as spot treatments on problem areas or pimples. Of course, it’s also fine to apply CBD oil uniformly to healthy skin if it’s feeling dry.

3. Add to Face Masks

Most people who take skincare seriously have go-to face mask mixes, but for those who are new to this skincare and self-care routine, there are also plenty of recipes available online. All of them are perfect for pairing with a few drops of CBD oil. In combination with the other chosen ingredients, CBD oil will leave skin feeling soft, supple, and rejuvenated.

4. Use on Dry, Chapped Lips

Adding CBD to lip balm is a great way to treat dry, chapped lips. Whether people just use lip balm to combat cracking in the winter or want to create a more uniform base for applying other lip products, CBD oil is a perfect ingredient to add to the mix, adding moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties that will help to keep lips healthy and beautiful.

5. Reduce the Harmful Effects of Makeup

Most people consider removing makeup to be an important part of their skincare routines. However, adding CBD oil to a favorite foundation can do more than create a more uniform tone. Adding CBD oil to makeup means it can sit on the face all day long, soaking into the skin and conferring its many benefits while simultaneously creating lighter foundation coverage that’s both radiant and moisturizing.

The Importance of Finding Quality CBD Oil

When using CBD oil or CBD capsules to improve the effectiveness of skincare products and makeup, buyers need to focus on quality as well as affordability. Look for a company that sells lab-tested CBD products with proven concentration levels to make it easier to get ratios of CBD oil to skincare products right or, better yet, buy high-quality pre-mixed CBD creams, lotions, and balms from a reputable manufacturer.

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