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How to Get the Best Desktop Setup for Online Poker

Desktop Setup for Online Poker

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If you’re looking to finally get into gambling or playing cards, then you can play here if you’re an online poker player from the US. Now that you’ve found the perfect site to play on, you also need to develop your setup to ensure you’re as comfortable and alert as can be, so here’s our tips to make that happen.

Comfortable chair set at the correct height

Without sounding too much like the health and safety department at your work, you must be seated in a comfortable chair for your online poker session set to the specific requirements of your height and where the screen is situated. Your feet should be firmly planted on the floor, with your wrists straight, etc. Some poker players swear by using a gaming chair, however, these can be very expensive. If your budget suits you or you‘ve just had a big win at the table then why not indulge, yet an amicably priced office chair can do the same job.

Dual or treble screen

While you might not use multiple screens for your day job or other activities on your computer, having two or three can help you excel at online poker. One screen can have the table open in fullscreen, while you can be reading poker tips or have the probability of hands graph to hand as well. Or if you’re confident enough to play multiple games at once you can dedicate different poker sites to separate screens. There’s a lot of conjecture as to what computer screens are the best but most opt for a swanky HD one that brings the game to life with vivid colour.

Drawer with snacks

A good desk will have a drawer or other storage space where you can easily access items. As well as computer peripherals, it is a good idea to keep a few poker session snacks in here. A bag of nuts, a chocolate bar, or something similar can give you either a slow release or a burst of energy to keep you going throughout the poker session.

Wrist rest and mouse

Another two quality-of-life additions to your desk are a wrist rest and a USB mouse. A wrist rest will ensure that your arms do not tire or feel pain during those longer play sessions. A decent one can still be inexpensive but very comforting. In addition, having a mouse plugged into your laptop is a very good idea as it means that your hands/arms aren’t exclusively using the trackpad. Moving them about a bit more will in theory help circulation.

Water bottles and access to more

Whether you’re playing poker or anything else really, it’s very important to keep hydrated. If you intend to stay at your desk playing online poker for an elongated period, drinking water will improve your cognitive ability. Therefore it’s a good idea to have a good-sized water bottle to hand and ensure you have more available. Whether that’s another bottle, a jug, or a nearby tap – ensure you keep topped up with H2O.

Adequate lighting for later sessions

If you’re playing online poker sessions well into the night or early morning, then it’s very important to ensure that you are not harming your eyes with the contrast of the darkness and the bright screen. Ensuring that you have a well-lit room either with a lamp or a general lightbulb in the room is an essential requirement.

Wired internet connection

While not a necessity, a wired internet connection is usually a lot more secure and fast than the wireless alternative. It’s also free from disruption from other users who might be using the bandwidth at the same time as your big poker session. Although, if your Wi-Fi is good enough to handle multiple users then you don’t have to reroute your entire setup for this small luxury.


If you don’t live by yourself or are closely situated to noisy neighbors, it’s a really good idea to include headphones as part of your poker desk setup. The cheaper models can help you from untoward distractions by playing music or a podcast – just as long as you can still focus on the poker table! There are even some very expensive models out there that are noise canceling and can block out all outside audio, perfect for burying yourself deep into a poker session!

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