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Select the appropriate mobile app company in India is quite a daunting task when we have so many firms available in the country. In the year 2019, there are more than 550,000 IT firms in the USA. That makes it difficult for companies to select the right tech company for their project. If you are looking for a mobile app development vendor, you’ll face numerous troubles.

 In this blog post, I’ll share some advanced details that might help you in making the decision. As the process is quite important for companies and the decision will transform their business ideas into reality. Thus, you need to make the decision carefully, as your business is at stake.

 Mobile App Development Services Market Size

According to the Statista website, the global revenue of the mobile industry will reach $693 billion by the end of the year 2021.

In the year 2018, the total global mobile app development market revenue is 365 billion US dollarsAccording to the current market trends, the industry is expected to witness an upsurge of 935 billion U.S. dollars in revenue with the help of paid downloads or in-app purchases by the end of the year 2023.

The top mobile applications publisher platforms are Google Play Store and iOS App Store. In January 2019, Supercell, King, and Bandai Namco entertainment applications earned more than 40 million U.S. dollars through in-app purchase features.

Why Mobile App Development Important for Your Business?

Here I’ll try to explain the significance of having a robust online presence of a company with the help of mobile applications and how mobile applications play a significant role in the current market trends.

Mobile applications marketing is a recent trend that means promoting your business on mobile devices. These application helps develop the strong online presence of your companies on the smartphone that people are using for their daily lives.

 Nowadays mobile applications are easily accessible for people and make it easier for them to access your companies’ product from the comfort of home. Let’s acknowledge the fact that mobile applications are a profit-earning business. That is one of the primary reasons these applications are so popular. 

With the help of a mobile application, you can earn a million dollars per month. That’s the power of mobile applications in today’s world. That’s the reason you must select the top-notch credible app development company to develop your application.

  It is important to measure the capacity of the development company before hiring them. A mobile app development company shouldn’t only focus on app development, it should also help generate revenue from the application.

Factors to keep in mind before selecting the mobile app development company:

I hope this blog post will help you in deciding which company to select. Let dive deep into the topic. The below-mentioned factors will help you decide the right app development company for your brand. 

Experience and Competence

Mobile app development firms with seasoned developers, designers can deliver top-notch digital products, services. Similarly, you should focus on looking for seasoned development companies that have a solid portfolio and excellent track record. Checking out the portfolio will inform you that the company is capable of dealing with complicated products or not. Therefore, I would suggest you hire mobile developers with significant experience and knowledge.

Improve ROI

To stay ahead in the competition, you need to look for a company that not only offers a website, also helps generate revenue. Companies are now developing an application to enjoy higher ROI, reaching customers, and selling products. Select the mobile app development company that offers a suitable monetization platform that goes well with your target audience.

Company’s Portfolio

The company should showcase its previous products and enable transparency. In case if they are not showing it, there is something wrong with the company. You can ask them to share the application which they have developed in the past to evaluate their UI/UX, technical skills which they are going to use in the applications.

Customer’s Review 

It is important to check the list of the company’s previous clients. If the company is genuine, then it must have positive feedback. Experts advise companies should get in touch with the previous clients to see the clear picture without filters.

 You can contact the previous to know about the detailing. Especially ask them what procedure the company follows, the communication methods and the hidden charges, etc. 

If the response of the previous clients is positive, then the company is good to go. Suppose, you receive negative feedback, then it’s a red signal, don’t share your business idea with them and look for a more reliable app development company that can transform your business idea into an application.

Coding Standards

Whether the operating system is Android and iOS, you need to hire app development firms who have diverse knowledge, skills to deliver the prominent product. In case you are developing the hybrid application, you need to look for app development companies which use suitable development framework. They need to highlight that the written codes belong to the client as they are paying for them.

You should sign the copyright agreement to ensure the ownership of the application and its codes. The particular will make you the owner of the mobile application as the codes, design, and other marketing content belongs to you. 

Seamless Communication

Due to the difference in time, it becomes quite difficult for developers, companies to update the customers regularly and receive the update regarding the project. Seamless communication is the need of the hour to run the project more efficiently. If the communication channel is not robust, then the project might fail in the future. 

Therefore, it is important to sign the contract, evaluate how often they communicate with the client. You can communicate through video calls, email, and chat. Seamless communication is important and reduces all the development hurdles.

Choice of Platform

You must select a suitable platform for your upcoming application. Check whether the potential app development is capable to develop an application for multiple operating systems or not. 

For suppose, you want to develop an application for several platforms, you need to mention this before starting the development process. Hire a company that is an expert in developing cross-platform app development. 

Whether you are developing for Android or iOS, you must hire a firm that is well-update about the guild lines of publishing platforms.

Data Security

Data security is the topmost concern of companies in today’s digital-driven world. Security concerns such as data leaks, insecure storage, and privacy protection are crucial. Otherwise, it might create a dent in your brand image. Hence, you must ensure that the app development company which develops your app also includes security features in the application. 

Many IT firms in the market offer advanced-level security features but still you need to ask them before the development. You should only hire a company that understands the importance of data and offers data security products. 

There are numerous mobile threats, for example, phishing, malware program, data breaches, user data stolen. Therefore, you must keep this in mind while hiring a company that must have offered multi-layered data protection software.

Impressive UX

Enhance user experience is the way to fetch the users’ attention for a prolonged duration. Before signing the contract, make sure that the app development company has creative UX designers, which offer attractive designs for a seamless experience. 

The method of the development firms should have the advanced knowledge of how to deliver the best quality product. The experts’ team must be able to fulfill your development, designing requirement.


The development firm must inform about the duration of an entire development project. Additionally, you should also ask them about the availability as the company might be working on different projects. If there are working on different projects, then they might compromise on the quality of your project. 

Ask the company how many projects they are working work. Ask them when they can deliver your project. There must be a passionate team that should solely work on your project. You can directly contact them and keep yourself updated about the project timely. 

Testing Method

At any cost, you don’t want your application to compromise bugs, broken features, and other lagging issues. Customers want to use an application that runs smoothly on all devices. You need to contact the company regarding the services and maintenance methods which they will use to offer top quality products.

All these things play a vital role in the success of the mobile application. Lastly, you should run the application on different devices and different operating systems, and in case you find a bug, run troubleshoot to resolve the bugs. 

Service Package

Some mobile app development firms offer separate services while some provide service packages. In the former case, according to the requirement, you can select the features and can integrate advanced functionalities according to the monetary expenses. 

When you select the development team based on the pricing, you should decide according to your project. In case you want specific features in the services, you can go for the first option. However, if you want to manage all the features on your own- from designing, development, and app launch and marketing, then opt for the second option.


The non-disclosure agreement helps find a suitable mobile app development agency. Because a fraud company won’t sign a non-disclosure agreement. The agreement enables the safety and security of the project, mobile application. Select, Arka Softwares, a famous mobile app development agency. They have a team of experts who develop prominent Android or iOS applications. 

For suppose, if the company is giving an excuse to not sign an NDA, then there are high chances they are a fraud company, you must not choose them. Rather, select those who are ready to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Submission of the App

The next step after the completion of testing, you need to apply to the Play Store or App Store. Then the stores approve the product. Before the submission of the application, it is critical to go through the guild lines of these app publishing platforms. 

The process is lengthy, you might need to allow this work to an expert team that can perform all these tasks effortlessly. You just need to evaluate that the portfolio of potential app partners or check these uploaded apps are efficient or not.


Now I think you have expanded your knowledge and now you are well informed about how to hire a mobile app development agency. According to the current market trends, the best way to hire a development company is by understanding the business hurdles, target audience, and market requirements. 

The credible app development firm offers regular app updation and keeps you informed during the entire development process. There should be clear communication between the project manager and the client. If you are also looking for such types of companies, Arka Softwares can fulfill your business requirement at an affordable price. 

A seasoned team of developers, designers who can offer top-quality products, services within the time frame. Feel free to contact us. 

FAQ’s About Best Mobile Application Development Company

1. How Do I Hire the Best Mobile Apps Development Company in India?

As the number of smartphone users is increasing, the demand for mobile applications is also increasing. So everyone is trying to enjoy the perks of mobile applications. There are many mobile app development firms available that offer robust applications. But selecting the one for your business in India is quite an arduous task. Let’s keep these below factors in your mind: 

· Double-check the company reputation

· Check company reputation

· Communicate with developers, designers

· Check expertise, skills

· UI/UX capabilities

· Go through their portfolio

Which is the Best App Development Company in India?

Most companies prefer application which is personalized, customized and are integrated with advanced features and functionalities. There are numerous talented app development firms, it is challenging for a business to find development companies which offer user-centric product. One of the firms which offer all these things is Arka Softwares.


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