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How to Adapt to Digital Presence Solutions during the Coronavirus?

As you know, the Coronavirus hits the world; the whole economy has been dramatically impacted by it. The impact is disparaging for many industries like real estate, restaurants, automotive, traveling, entertainment, building, construction, etc. With lockdowns, quarantine, restrictions travel, and public gatherings restrictions, it provides a great opportunity and urgent need to shift digital activities and marketing seriously.


Businesses that were based on physical activities have now started building more digital relations with customers. Realizing the hour’s condition, companies have quickly adapted to enhanced online presence with digital presence solutions such as using social media, websites, SEO, content creation, PPC advertising, and much more. With this article’s help, let’s look at how businesses are adapting to digital channels to survive through corona times.

The advent of the Corona Virus and Shift in Consumer Behavior

The global pandemic Covid-19 disease is causing significant consumer behavioral changes. The pandemic has affected almost all areas of life, from how people work to how they shop, interact, travel, and entertain themselves. Some key trends that are appearing in consumer behavior during Covid-19 as put by digital media marketing agency in Chicago il are:


All these behaviors are interrelated and overlapping. Even if the situation worsens, the behavior trend is expected to continue even after post corona times. That being said, businesses felt the need to leverage significantly on their digital marketing means, and that’s how they are adapting their digital presence solutions during the Coronavirus:

Corona Pandemic and Digital Presence Solutions

Turn More Technology Oriented: The sudden move to virtual operations in all aspects of life provided an opportunity for businesses to learn and accelerate their digital activities. Those who didn’t or are not able to adopt digital means are almost out of business. It also reveals how beneficial it is to upgrade business according to the latest technologies and what loopholes are in an organization’s technology stack. Brands are toward social media channels to make direct relationships with them and build a sense of connectivity in the somewhat physically isolated world.

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Search engines and websites are sharing informative content through posts and videos to help each other out. Businesses tend to create value and develop credibility by offering discounts and complimentary services. More people are now online than ever. Search engine traffic had increased as it had never done before because people were still directly glued to phones looking for news, entertainment, and connectivity. So it is evident that what will be marketed online will be readily consumed by a large audience. So businesses are taking this as an opportunity to optimize their digital channels.

1.Develop and Leverage Websites

 As the dominant digital marketing agency says, the website is the most significant online asset.People are using it during the crisis to see how brands are dealing with the situation and offering customers during such times. So the businesses need to update it for the latest services, return policies, and deliveries. Ecommerce functionality can also be incorporated into websites. Websites are also serving to publish health precautions, inform and entertain the audience.

2. Focus More On Local SEO

As travel and mobility were reduced due to Covid, local SEO has become more critical and relevant. At times of utmost needs, when people had to go outside, they look for the nearest place for supplies and services. So, businesses need to make sure that they are using local SEO strategies to make their site optimized for the ‘near me’ searches. In this way, people of the nearby areas can easily find you and will first turn to you for convenience and precaution. This is also a way of helping out families during a critical time.

coronavirus 4

3.Help Clients Find You By Optimizing Your Site For Mobile Phones

People spend most of their day hooked to their phones and mobile devices. Most of the search engine queries are done using smartphones than desktop computers. Based on a study, digital marketing companies Chicago states thatmore than 81% of individuals do an online search for services and products.While many businesses understand how beneficial it is to keep websites, less focus on keeping them optimized for smartphone use. It is necessary for a better user experience and enhanced visibility for potential customers because mobile searches are displayed so that they can mostly look at the top three results quickly, and the last 30% of search results do not usually appear on phone results.

4. Use Content Marketing To Reach More People

There are numerous ways to reach people now than ever before, and one of them is through content marketing. Covid-19 has given rise to many virtual connections and digital spaces. Such as shift of classes to Zoom meetings. Your task is to judge which approach is suitable for your business and find out what type of content your audience needs to hear and talk about. The experience you will give your customers through online interaction is equally important as it used to be in the physical environment.

Content marketing helps in sharing your brand’s purpose and story in a manner that is appealing and relatable to customers and offers them benefits beyond your primary service or product. For instance, you can write a blog about the issues related to your audience and provide help supported with videos and tutorials. 

5. Leverage Social Media To Your Benefit

Online social media is no more just about entertainment and fun. Businesses use it to connect with customers, help lessen isolation, develop healthy relationships, and provide information. Use social media channels to conduct question-answer sessions, share ‘how to do’ tutorials, invite them to look behind the scenes. In this way, engage them and listen to them to understand how they perceive your business positioning and how you can further improve it.

6. Request Reviews

During this time, brands can significantly boost local SEO by getting and placing customer remarks on their websites and social media. Customer reviews are critical and influential when seen by other prospective clients. They help a lot in reputation management and win customer trust. If you provide satisfactory service to clients in this critical time, it is sure to be appreciated and rewarded by good reviews.

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