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How Do Commercial HVAC Systems Function? A Comprehensive Guide

Commercial HVAC systems, which include heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, are unsung heroes. They provide comfort, quality of air, and temperature regulation in commercial buildings. These systems can be complex and are vital to creating a comfortable living environment. This article will teach you about the commercial HVAC system, its types, and how it compares to residential units. You will also discover their installation location and compliance with local building codes and OHS standards.

What is a Commercial AC Air Conditioning System (HVAC)?

A commercial HVAC system is a large network of components designed for maintaining a comfortable interior temperature and indoor air quality in commercial building types such as office spaces, retail spaces and hospitals. These systems are responsible for several key functions.

Commercial HVAC Systems Come In Many Different Types

Commercial HVAC system types are tailored to meet specific building requirements.

What Is the Difference Between a Residential HVAC System and This?

Commercial HVAC Systems are fundamentally different from residential systems.

Basements or Rooftop HVAC Plant Platforms

For practical reasons, commercial HVAC systems may be installed in basements and on rooftop HVAC plants.

Maintenance/Repairs Cost

Due to their size and complexity, commercial HVAC systems require regular maintenance in order to run effectively for as long as possible. Maintenance costs depend on factors like system type, age and use; regular services include cleaning coils, replacing filters and inspecting for any potential leaks.

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