Communication mediums are means by which people in your organization communicate. As you communicate with external vendors, it is a priority for your firm as it increases team productivity and unity among the staff. When you ignore providing these channels may lead to negative consequences to your business.

Achieving an effective form of communication in your workplace might be a challenge. The right way to avoid such challenges is to provide the right content to employees via the correct channels and devices. Using the best medium guarantees that the sent message finds its way to the receiver as intended by the sender. Social media like Twitter is obviously the best medium especially nowadays. If you are not using it yet, sign up today and get some Twitter followers to try on yourself how effective social media can be in such cases.

Here are some types of business communication you need to consider.

Oral Communication Channels

It’s the most basic form of conversation where two sides interact and communicate. Where some questions might need some clarification, oral communication is the best. Coworkers get a personal touch from verbal communication channels that they don’t get from written communication. Here are some oral forms of communication you might consider.

1.       In-Person Meetings

When you have eye-to-eye gatherings, you could never use gout in style. As you meet with someone else for oral correspondence, other’s nonverbal correspondence signals, for example, developments and non-verbal communication, are better perceived. In-person meetings are beneficial for addressing essential subjects in a two-way discussion.

2.       Phone Conversations

Having communication over your phone is another form of oral communication. Answering the phone, listening, and hanging up can be all it takes to have a productive phone conversation.

3.       Video Conferencing

Today technology is advancing, and people no longer have to experience face-to-face meetings. Video conferencing software allows a lot of users to share some information at the same time. It provides users with an option where users can’t meet but still attend the meeting online.

Social media is the best place to create awareness both to your employees and the public. Twitter is the best platform to share your content. You need to create an account then gain some Twitter followers. That will be a proper way to convey your message and reach the receiver without any distortion.

Written Communication Channels

It’s a form of communication that is effective for both informal and formal messages. The state of communication may vary; it can be email or any other format and finds its way to the intended users. Some of the written communication may include;

1.       Memos

Its acts as a reminder messenger that addresses the whole group. To reply to the message isn’t necessary, but the recipient can answer questions. They can be submitted electronically or printed and posted as regular reminders in a communal place.

2.       Email

An email has a wide range of uses, either international or locally. You can use email to schedule a meeting or connect with a person you can communicate with a phone call. Sending an email to a colleague you share often may be brief, sweet, and casual. Reaching out to your employer to set up wage negotiations, on the other hand, might take on a more formal tone.

3.       Employee Newsletters

Newsletters can be a great way to inform your employees more about the progress of the company. It gives employees updates on relevant information and their interests. You can provide business updates, CEO messages to staff, new hire announcements, big win celebrations, and significant event announcements.

4.       Internet

The Internet is one of the most used to pass internal information about your business. You can design them to share important information with employees or inform them of what’s happening within the company. Intranets, on the other hand, act as content servers.

 You’d like to provide the workers with fresh and exciting content that keeps them informed about company news. You can choose to use YouTube to convey your information about the products or services you offer to people. That will allow you to get a lot of clients from different parts of the country.


Social media only offers you a marketing channel for your products but still serves as a communication channel. It can be a better way to build strong teamwork of internal employees. Keep in mind that you need to experiment with various internal communication channels to see what works best for you and your team. As an employer, you need to keep your confidential, informal information from leaking out on social media when you don’t trust your employees.

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