Whenever you’re shopping for big items you will hear conflicting advice about whether you should splurge for name brands or whether generic brands will suffice. Because the price difference may be extreme for some items, we decided to give you a summary of which items you’re better off opting for the name brand when shopping. 

Hot Tubs and Swimming Pools

There’s no doubt the swimming pools and other permanent fixtures like an ingrown hot tub are best done with when using a professional construction crew. Make sure they are using durable materials from name brands to ensure that your investment goes a long way. If you’re choosing an inflatable option, it does matter for swimming pools, but a Coleman hot tub is far superior than any generic option available.

Anything That You Use On Your Skin

When it comes to skin care (add hair care here as well), there is a major risk you take when you purchase off-brand products. There is no reason to splurge and buy highly expensive items from luxury brands, but make sure you are buying products from well known brands. For example, many drug store brands such as Nivea and Johnson&Johnson are major corporations with a well-established brand reputation. 


Don’t take this the wrong way – there are many cars that are affordable yet perform exceptionally well. However, it is always a good idea to steer clear of automobile brands that have a bad reputation in the country you live in. Automobile manufacturers do not produce the same cars for all countries – different regions get slightly different iterations of the same model. So, follow the local reputation of brands to get a better idea of what you’re getting into. Generic brands will generally have a lower reputation for a reason, so steer clear of them.

Wireless Earphones Or Earbuds

After Apple introduced their wireless Airpods, several copies of their model and copies of other name brand wireless earphones were introduced to the market with a much lower price. Of course, the lower price also meant drastically lower quality. Buying cheaper options for earphones just means you’ll replace them sooner than later – which makes them the more expensive option in the long run. 

Items Where Brand Name Is Just For Show : Smartphones

Technology has advanced so much in making smartphones, that an iPhone is no longer very different when it comes to functionality and ease of use. In fact, many Android smartphones from  cheaper manufacturers perform similarly or better than iPhones nowadays. What matters when purchasing a smartphone is the specific hardware and software capabilities of the phone at hand, and not its brand. Many big-name brands such as Samsung produce a range of smartphones with different capabilities, so it would be unfair to compare cheaper Samsung models (less features) with the latest iPhone. 


Buying branded items is not just a social signal of wealth, but sometimes branded items have a good reputation that reflects a well-produced product. Sometimes, buying name brands makes a huge difference. For some items, the price difference isn’t worth the trouble, so a generic option is better.


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