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Custom Mailing Boxes Help Build Brand Recognition – Here’s How

Many businesses are looking for printing and packaging companies to place large wholesale orders for custom mailer boxes. These companies are not all based on e-commerce. In fact, every product needs to be transported somewhere. Therefore, for safe shipping, businesses use such boxes. 

For increased protection, custom mailing boxes are used. They are strong and composed of thick cardboard or corrugated material. While transporting items to numerous regions, many organizations use mailer boxes stamped with their own brand identity. These mailers function as both packaging and shipping boxes.

Are you looking for a wonderful approach to boost your brand and products when people see them online, in shops, or when they come through courier or the mail? The best way is to create custom printed boxes for brand identification.

Why Custom Mailing Boxes Are Useful for Your Business?

Budget-friendly & Accessible

Product packaging alternatives that are presently available on the market are quite cost-effective. Their low cost is attributed to a number of variables. There is increased competition on these platforms due to the saturation of suppliers who deal in various types of product packaging. Owing to the severe competition, businesses are pushed to lower their rates in order to attract more clients. Therefore, keep a look out for a wholesale custom printed mailing boxes with custom box packaging provider and opt for bulk purchase discounts. This will drastically lower your company’s expenses, allowing you to focus more on profits.

Eco-Friendly Box Packaging to Save Our Planet

The fact that custom mailer boxes are eco-friendly is their best advantage. It is made using ecologically safe, biodegradable, and long-lasting materials. Packaging may now be reused and recycled, resulting in significant cost savings for the company. 

Presentable and Attractive Design

The packaging sector has undergone a transformation as a result of technological innovation. It has enabled company owners to choose customized elements in an effort to enhance the items’ outside appearance. You may pick from a wide range of style and form options on the internet. Depending on your preferences or the characteristics of the commodity. You may choose enticing themes and appealing color palettes. A commercial firm can expand significantly with the usage of colors in an intelligent way. Also, you might decide to include sleeves in your boxes or occasionally try using a window front. Such styles are impressively beautiful and vibrant.

Specially Made for Mailing / Shipping

As the name implies, Half price packaging custom mailing boxes are made from f-flute or e-flute thickness to ensure the product safety and box rigidity. Internet companies prioritize providing high-quality items to their customers while avoiding potential damage. Thus, if packaging contains the power of strength and durability, the items will remain secure. As a result of this, consumers will be glad to get their order without any harm. Contemporary bespoke mailer boxes are known for their improved sturdiness and are built from cardstock, Bux board, corrugated cardboard, or Kraft, materials. They are all strong and resistant enough to protect against possible damage due to transport. 

Premium Coating for the Utmost Finishing

You can choose various coating options such as aqueous to add elegant finishing to your mailing boxes. Some eCommerce firms who want to wow their clients with product packaging frequently use this attractive box. Customers will remember this packaging because of its overall appearance. Due to attractive packaging, customers naturally feel unique when they get products in one of these boxes.

Spread Brand Awareness

If you put distinctive branding on your packaging, people will start to identify your company with a certain aesthetic. They will have thoughts about your company before even deciding to buy or utilize one of your items. Even before trying or tasting your item, they will associate it with your brand. They will have a notion of what they could expect based on your branding. You may deliberately improve the perception of your brand in the marketplace by doing so. The appropriate methods might help your brand outperform your competitors. The key objective here is to elevate your brand by increasing their excitement for your offerings. Your company can invest in Half price Packaging custom mailing boxes with logos as a low-cost marketing strategy to make this happen.

Common Types of Mailing Boxes

Tuck Top Mailing Box

These types of mailing boxes have two walls to promote structural robustness and avoid product damage from bending and structural collapse. Basically, these boxes have a top lid that tucks into the bottom tray to protect the contents from pressure, collapse, and smashing. Tuck top mailing boxes are the finest way to transport products with added security. They ensure their safe arrival to their destination. Whether you’re shipping them to the next town over or halfway around the world.

Luxury Mailing Box With Magnetic Lid

The luxury magnetic gift box protects the integrity of the item or items contained within. They are also useful for long-distance shipping of your items. The luxury unwrapping experience provided by bespoke magnetic closure boxes, also known as magnetic lid boxes, increase the overall value of your business. These magnetic rigid boxes are made of strong materials. They are perfect for high-end objects, and come in collapsible and non-collapsible options. If you want the whole package of luxury, there is no need to look any further.

Custom Printed Mailing Boxes

Self-locking mailing boxes and printed mailing boxes are similar, with the exception that the latter features a padded interior. This is an excellent solution if you care about the environment and want to keep your mail inside of them. Because they are large and sturdy, they can withstand a lot before ripping. As a result, many businesses choose printed mailer boxes to traditional cardboard ones.

Primarily, custom printed mailing boxes come in two types of coating options:

1. Single-Side Printed

In a single-side printed mailer box, the coating is applied only on one side. Usually the outer side of the box. It is less expensive and easy to assemble. 

2. Double-Side Printed 

As the name suggests, the mailer box has dual-side coating with custom printed text to provide waster-proof and dust-proof packaging. 

Choosing Printing Design on the Box

Depending on the box’s content, price, and level of intricacy, there are numerous techniques of doing this. The options listed below are often used:

Digital printing: It requires inkjet or xerographic printing directly onto the box. During inkjet digital printing, CMYK inks are sprayed in a thin mist to generate the desired color and pattern. In xerographic digital printing, electrostatic charging is employed to charge ink particles before they are put to the box. Both types of digital printing are used for corrugated boxes with unique shapes.

Flexographic printing: This printing is used on wavy surfaces. It makes a difference by application of flexible plates. Flexo printing is ideal for putting brand names and logos on the box in addition to the company tagline or brand mantra to spread brand image.

Lithographic printing: They are ideal for printing text, logos, and images of the things contained within. These custom printed mailing boxes include high-resolution photos. If you need to print a large number of boxes, litho printing is the ideal solution because it can handle bulk print runs. It has the advantage of mass printing and can be done in up to four colors with the fast drying feature.

How to Make Efficient Custom Mailing Boxes

Make Your Brand Identity Visible: When producing unique product packaging, it is critical to define the brand identity. This section discusses the brand’s beliefs, personality, and target market. This data may then be used to influence the design of the custom box to ensure that it accurately represents the brand and appeals to the desired market.

Choose the Best Materials: The materials used can have a major influence on the strength and sustainability of custom product boxes. While selecting the proper materials, consider factors such as eco-friendliness, recyclability, and affordability. Since they might impact the overall look and feel of the box.

Think About the Unboxing: The unpacking experience may have a considerable impact on the customer’s perception of the brand. It is critical to consider the overall style and layout of the custom box while creating an interesting and memorable unwrapping experience. This might include features such as a surprise within the package or a unique unpacking method.

Incorporate branding elements: Brand memory and awareness may be improved by using custom product boxes with branding components. This might include the messaging, colors, and emblem of the brand. It is critical to employ these components consistently throughout all marketing materials, including custom product packaging, to develop a coherent and recognisable brand identity.

Experiment and improve: When creating bespoke product boxes, it is critical to test and enhance them to ensure they meet the needs of the brand and the target market. Consumers’ feedback and testing on the materials’ toughness and sustainability may be added.

The Bottom Line

Box customization with design and colored printing bring your brand on top of the competition. For this reason, you should carefully select a good manufacturer that provides custom mailing boxes wholesale so you can save a significant amount. These boxes are eco-friendly and highly loved by people around the globe due to their versatile benefits and applications. You should order in bulk to get the best deal. 

Ready to make your investment in quality mailing boxes? Go ahead and share more happiness with your customers!

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