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Why Having a Mechanic Change Your Oil is a Smart Choice

by Bryan Cunningham
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Change Your Oil

When it comes to car maintenance, oil changes are among the smartest practices you can undertake, and sticking to a regular maintenance plan is also very easy to do. Yes, you could probably change your oil yourself, but you must be honest with yourself and consider if you have the time, energy and location to do it on the regular basis required. For this reason and quite a few more, hiring a professional mechanic to do your oil service is a smart decision. 

Knowledge & Experience

Professional mechanics at auto repair Highlands Ranch, CO companies change the oil in cars of all types every day, all day long, so they’re more than qualified to change the oil in your vehicle and spot any issues your car may be having. Mechanics receive training in recognizing the signs of wear and tear, leaks, and other problems that may arise. Having a skilled, experienced mechanic do your oil change provides you with peace of mind that the job was done correctly, and any problems have been addressed. 

Name Brand Materials and the Right Tools

Oil change mechanics have in-stock access to high-quality oils and filters designed specifically for your particular make and model, including harder-to-find oils such as full synthetics and blends. All the tools needed and the lift equipment are right at their fingertips. Relying on a professional mechanic leaves you confident that the right filter and correct oil were used on your car and that everything was put back right where it belonged. 

Vehicle Inspection

While you may go into the oil change facility with a mind to have the filter and oil changed, mechanics perform bonus tasks as well. Don’t be surprised when they check your tire pressure and top-off fluid levels for your window washers, transmission, and power steering. Further, they inspect belts, hoses, and other important areas of the car. The experts know that when you locate the potential problems early, owners can avoid serious, more expensive problems later on. This extends the life of your car and keeps you and your family safe. 


Let’s face it. It’s just plain convenient to have a mechanic change the oil for you. Doing it yourself can be messy and take up a large chunk of your day, especially when you don’t have the tools and equipment available to you. Instead, save yourself the frustration and hassle and drop off your car ahead of time and then pick it up at your convenience. Or, just sit in the comfortable waiting room and have a coffee while you wait. 

Used Oil Disposal

Improperly disposing of used oil can be harmful to the environment and, in some states, illegal. Instead of trying to dispose of it yourself, let the professionals who have direct resources dispose of the oil safely and according to local laws. Again, it’s a matter of convenience and avoiding the hassle of finding the right spot to get rid of the old oil. 

Keep Warranty Valid

For cars still sporting a manufacturer’s warranty, it’s important to keep up with recommended maintenance. Warranties often stipulate that oil must be changed by a professional mechanic who only uses materials on an approved list. Having a mechanic do the work for you will ensure that you comply with any warranty requirements and protect the sizeable investment you made in your car. 

While changing your own oil may save you some money in the short term, in the long run, the peace of mind, convenience, and close inspection provided by mechanics just make more sense. Extend the life of your vehicle by having professionals experienced in oil changes service it.  

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