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Can You Use Ulta Gift Cards at Target?

If you’re an avid shopper, you’ve probably come across the dilemma of having gift cards from different retailers and wondering if they can be used interchangeably. Before we get into the details, let’s provide a brief overview of both Ulta and Target. Ulta Beauty is a popular beauty retailer known for its extensive selection of cosmetics, skincare, and haircare products.

On the other hand, Target is a well-known retail giant that offers a wide range of products, including beauty, fashion, home goods, and more. Now, let’s explore the possibility of using Ulta gift cards at Target. ShoppingFollow will provide you complete details of Ulta gift cards.

Understanding Ulta Gift Cards

Ulta gift cards are a convenient way to shop for your favorite beauty products. Simply purchase a gift card, load it with your desired amount, and use it to make purchases at any Ulta Beauty store or online. They make excellent gifts for beauty enthusiasts and allow them to choose from a vast array of high-quality products. You can find Ulta Beauty gift card benefits with MyCouponHunter.

Understanding Target Gift Cards

Target gift cards offer even more versatility. These gift cards can be used to purchase a variety of products, ranging from groceries and household essentials to clothing, electronics, and beauty items. Target gift cards are widely accepted at all Target stores and their online platform, making them a popular choice for gift-giving and personal use.

Can You Use Ulta Gift Cards at Target

While Ulta and Target have a partnership that allows Ulta to have a mini store within select Target locations, unfortunately, Ulta gift cards cannot be directly used at Target stores or on the Target website. Don’t fret just yet! There are still ways to make the most out of your Ulta gift cards at Target.

How to Use Ulta Gift Cards at Target

You can’t directly use Ulta gift cards at Target, but you can maximize their value:

Purchase Ulta Gift Cards at Target: Visit your local Target store and purchase Ulta gift cards. This way, you can utilize your Target gift card to buy Ulta gift cards, allowing you to use them at Ulta.

Shop Ulta Products at Target: As mentioned earlier, select Target stores have mini Ulta Beauty sections where you can find a curated range of Ulta products. You can use your Ulta gift card to purchase these products within the designated Ulta section at Target.

Online Shopping: If you prefer online shopping, you can explore Target’s website and look for Ulta products available for purchase. While you can’t use your Ulta gift card directly, you can use other payment methods to buy the desired Ulta items on the Target website.


Can I use Target gift cards at Ulta stores?

Yes, you can use Target gift cards to purchase products at Ulta stores.

Can I combine Ulta and Target gift cards for a single purchase?

No, both gift cards cannot be combined for a single transaction.


While you may not be able to use Ulta gift cards at Target directly, there are still ways to make the most out of them at Target. Whether it’s purchasing Ulta gift cards at Target or shopping for select Ulta products within designated sections, you can still enjoy your favorite beauty products using your Ulta gift card. So next time you’re wondering if you can use Ulta gift cards at Target, remember these tips and make the most out of your shopping experience.

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