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It is a delight to see homemakers being independent and having their worth. An increasing number of Indian homemakers are now running successful small businesses. But the most common issue for the homemakers with entrepreneurial dreams has to be initial funding to do something. To start a business with an adequate amount of funds is what strikes them the most. Can they get a personal Loan approval to start their own business? To know better and get a complete insight you need to keep reading. The modern and educated homemakers are very ambitious and can well balance their household work with achieving dreams. If you are a homemaker with a desire to run your own small business, one of the most important things, apart from a solid business plan, is the initial funding. You need an instant personal loan to start and give a reflection on your entrepreneurial dream and get started. A personal loan for women can help you in various ways, and yes it makes it easy for you to initially start a business with a minimum working capital. If you are a woman with high dreams apart from homemaking, you need to see the options of personal loans that you can easily get.

Eligibility criteria for a personal loan

A personal loan is a quick and instant loan that can help you with any sort of expense. You can cover up any need or requirement with a personal loan. However, there is some eligibility criteria that you would need to fulfill to get personal loan for women approval. The most important thing would be a monthly income and job stability. Sadly, a homemaker does not have either of them. They are not into earning money, as they have always managed the home. It becomes very difficult for the homemakers to get approval for a standard personal loan, but they can work out other options of personal loans. If a standard one is not possible, other ways can give a woman access to personal loan funding. Without being upset, read further to choose your way you’re taking a loan.

Types of personal loan for homemakers

  • Secured loan: In a secured loan, security or collateral is kept with the bank. Hence, there is no need for a woman to have any sort of income. If she is taking a loan against the property and not being able to pay the loan back, her property is taken over by the financial institutions. In a secured loan, there is no risk in offering a loan and the loan providers are happy to offer you a personal loan. If you are a homemaker and you have a property to let go of, you can surely use it for taking a certain amount of funds to start your business initially. Initially, you need to fund your business; till it starts giving you back the revenue. If you have a property to keep, you can use any asset to keep as collateral and get your loan approved.
  • Personal Loan with co-applicant: A co-applicant can be your family, friend, or spouse. If you are not having an adequate amount of income, no loan provider will trust you by offering an amount of loan. You can add a cosigner whom you can trust on the ground of financial services and you can opt for a personal loan. Remember the cosigner you are adding, needs to have a good source of income so that you can get approval. The eligibility criteria met by the cosigner will surely give you a personal loan. Let’s take an example, where your spouse can help you as a cosigner and gets you a personal loan to build something of your own.
  • Add a guarantor: A guarantor is a person that takes responsibility for the amount you borrow. If you are not eligible due to any income or job, you can get a guarantor. Now, it is not easy to find someone who can take your fund responsibility. Also, a guarantor needs to fulfill the basic eligibility criteria to get a loan. If you are not being able to repay the loan, the guarantor has to take responsibility and repay the loan on your behalf. You need to understand this and consider a guarantor for your loan approval.
  • Government schemes: The government is always up to help and contribute to women’s development. There are a lot of schemes that work to offer easy loan options and funding to women with dreams to start a business. You can take the help of such initiatives.

Wrapping up

Personal loan for women is a great way to have development. There are homemakers with amazing ideas and strength that can help society grow. An instant personal loan is surely helping women to fund their business and bring growth.


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