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Signs You Need Brake Repair in Roseville, MN

by Bryan Cunningham
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Brake Repair in Roseville, MN

Most people don’t think about the brakes in their cars. They expect the brakes to work when needed. However, when something goes wrong with this component, disaster may strike quickly. Drivers must know when to take their vehicle in for brake repair. 

Brake Pads and Rotors

Brake pads and rotors fail with time due to normal wear and tear. When the brakes squeal or screech when used, the brake pads may be worn down. Grinding noises from the brakes call for an immediate brake repair Roseville MN because these noises indicate the brake pads are severely worn. Driving the car without replacing the brake pads can lead to damage to the rotors and a high repair bill. When the vehicle pulses or vibrates as you brake, particularly when you are braking at a high speed, the rotors are probably warped. Other signs you need to replace the brake pads and/or rotors are reduced brake performance, needing more time to stop, and your car pulling to the side when you brake.

Warning Lights

When the brake warning light comes on in your vehicle, you should head straight to a mechanic. This red or yellow light may come on for several reasons. The light indicates when you are driving with the parking brake engaged, but it may also be letting you know that the brake fluid is low, or the brake pads are worn. At times, the light comes on to alert you to a problem within the system, such as when the anti-lock braking system or ABS isn’t working correctly. 

When this light comes on, immediately pull over and make sure it isn’t something simple. If the parking brake is engaged, release it. Check for other simple solutions. If they don’t work, find the nearest mechanic and have them inspect the system to ensure the vehicle is safe to drive. 

Brake Responsiveness

A driver gets to know their vehicle over time. They can feel when something changes, particularly when it comes to the brake pedal and accelerator. When you notice a change in the way the brake feels under your foot or how it responds when you press the pedal, have a mechanic check the braking system. They can find minor issues before these problems escalate and cause an accident. 

For example, there may be air in the brake lines causing the system to not respond accordingly when activated. A brake fluid leak alters the way the system functions, and a change in responsiveness might be a sign the brake pads are wrong. A vacuum problem can lead to problems depressing the pedal, while vibrations or pulsations in the pedal suggest worn rotors or brake pads. 

Pay attention to how the brakes feel every time you drive the car. When something changes, don’t dismiss it. Many drivers imagine they assume something when they notice this change and wait to see if it happens again. While that is reasonable with many things, take extra care when it comes to your car’s brakes. The second time you notice a minor problem or as soon as you have a major one, take the car in for repair. Your life is too precious to ignore problems with the braking system, as one failure of this system can lead to catastrophe. Don’t take that chance. 

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