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All You Need To Know About The Life History Of Deepti Sharma


Low angle photo of a female cricket batter hitting the ball with the sun and sky in the background.

Individuals may believe you’re antisocial if you’re a member of the millennial generation and don’t feel the need to use a phone while you’re a teenager. Some people could even single you out for being the group’s lone nerd. You can start being bullied by your classmates. Who still has the guts to come up in front of the world and outshine the most fantastic sport on earth even after all of this? Here is the cure, Deepti Bhagwan Sharma, the game’s most adaptable player. Excellent Indian cricketer Deepti Bhagwan Sharma often represents Bengal, Sydney Thunder, and India. She is a versatile pitcher who mainly bowls off-speed right-arm pitches and bats left-handed. She is a great teammate, too, though, constantly attempting to help her teammates while upholding her moral principles.

Deepti’s birthday falls on 24 August 1997. Sushilaa and Bhagwan Sharma gave birth to Deepti Sharma. The youngest of her siblings, she is. When she was nine years old, the foundations of her unrelenting enthusiasm for the game began to flourish and move in the right direction.

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Cricket Career:-

 Overall, Deepti’s austerity may be summarised as follows: technology really had become a part of her life once she was instructed to join the WhatsApp group for the Indian team members. Ironically, Deepti learned about the significance of her innings in May 2017 through the same WhatsApp group. The Agra-born starlet smashed 188 against Ireland to register the then-second-highest individual score in Women’s ODIs at a time when Indian cricket fans and the bulk of cricket enthusiasts were drowning in the ups and downs of the IPL. She and her teammate put up a historic 320-run stand for the first wicket in international cricket, becoming the first two women’s bowlers to ever record a 300-run partnership. She achieved her first success with this. She therefore surpassed the 229-run women’s record as well as the 286-run men’s record in ODIs.

Although Deepti’s “hall of fame” moment may have occurred when she was 19 years old, because of her obsessive love for the sport, she would persistently bug her father, a retired Indian Railways official, to ask her brother to accompany her to the field so she could see the game firsthand. However, the game’s start didn’t necessarily come spontaneously. At age 9, Deepti’s only interest was in figuring out the causes of his brother’s well-earned popularity in cricket. Deepti had no idea that one of the occurrences would put her on the path to doing something she had never imagined possible in her whole life.

When she throws a hard ball that smashes the stumps, Hemlata Kala once witnessed her talent. She immediately thought that the youngster will eventually represent India. Deepti also found her hidden potential at that point, and she hasn’t looked back since.

For the following several years, Deepti continued to show up for auditions. Still, due to her age, she was passed over for state selections. But Kala made sure she had plenty of practice by bringing her to the railway camps in Delhi and Allahabad. Rita Dey, a former Indian batter and selector, eventually became interested in Deepti’s improvement in all elements of her game. She saw her tremendous passion and encouraged her to take on the mentor role.

Deepti wasn’t naturally good at off-spin. After attempting medium pace bowling for the most of her early adolescent years, she had to change to slow bowling. It wasn’t natural to move to spinning, either. Due to her height and the way the ball was naturally released, Deepti only mastered the art of spin after receiving several suggestions from selectors and local instructors.

 As she continued to put up excellent performances in the state games, it was only a matter of time until Deepti made her international debut for India. 

On November 28, 2014, she played in her first important tournament at the Chinnaswamy Stadium against South Africa. Deepti earned the second-best bowling numbers for India that day, regardless of the fact that they lost the match. She also made a few significant wickets along the way. Since then, Deepti’s spot on the national team has always been questioning, and even before becoming 20, she had amassed a number of unique records. Deepti’s main strengths would be as an intelligent off-break bowler, a tough hitter, and an athletic fielder, but if you had overlooked her situation-assessing abilities, beware—she has the ability to one day rank among the best in the field and lead the Indian team. On June 16, 2021, Deepti Sharma played her first Test match against England.

She continued to put up amazing performances in state competitions as well.

The Indian cricket team, of which Deepti Sharma was a component of, lost to England in the 2017 Women’s Cricket World Cup final. She played in 8 games, scoring 216 runs, and took 12 wickets in 9 gameplay with a top bowling average of 3 for 59. She certainly had a great show here. The all-rounder was signed to play for Bengal in the domestic senior women’s 2017–18 campaign. She had the highest season run aggregate with 312 runs at an average of 104 in 6 games and a remarkable strike rate of 65.1. In the six matches that Deepti has played, she has already tallied two centuries and one half century.

The outstanding Indian all-rounder had her priorities defined from the beginning, even though she may not have fit in with the globalized society, the digital era of today’s youth, or have ever grasped the trendiness going about. She was avoiding all the commotion of the current world at a time when most of her humanity were busy learning about the burgeoning benefits of social media. She has made remarkable sacrifices for both her family and her work. She gained numerous admirers and became an inspiration.

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