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8 Tips to Make Hotel Guest Feel Special

hotel management

It doesn’t matter if someone has booked a hotel room for a day or more. It is the responsibility of the hotel staff to take good care of the guests. Each guest must feel comfortable and special because every individual is essential and plays a key role in the success of your business. Moreover, as an owner, you will like the fact that people revisit your hotel and suggest it to others.

Remember, the hotel industry is huge.  According to a study, Worldwide Hospitality Industry Worth Approx. $10 Trillion or maybe even more. So, gaining success in the industry is possible but it doesn’t come easy.

The most famous hotels in the world are successful because they not only pay attention to the aesthetics of the hotel. They also make sure that their guests feel happy and satisfied from the step of the booking to check out. I like to give an example here; the H&S hotel Lahore is the first luxury boutique hotel of not only Lahore but Pakistan. It not only promises customers luxury and class but comfort too, along with international living standards.

In short, an owner must make an effort by giving training to their staff members, as it is the only way to gain success in such a prominent and already established industry. The ways to make hotel guests feel special are:

Offer Guest a Little Extra

You may think that the guests are impressed by seeing the interior of the hotel, but it isn’t the only thing that makes their experience memorable. The staff must welcome the guests with a smile on their faces. The rooms should be clean, tidy and have comfortable beds. Moreover, the lightning must be perfect too. These are the little things on which customers usually pay more attention. Because during traveling, guests’ main priority is peace and comfort rather than a luxury.

Provide Few Facilities to the Guests Free of Cost

Obviously, the hotel owners can’t provide free rooms to guests. Still, there are few amenities that should be offered to the clients free of cost, for example, an accessible Wi-Fi facility, drinks in the room, or a basket of chocolates. The customers love these little gestures.

While giving these facilities to the guests, the hotel management must keep an eye on the budget. If it isn’t possible to offer similar amenities to the guests for a while, make changes in the plan by excluding a few.

Hotel Must be Properly -Staffed

It has been noticed that many hotels don’t have an entire staff when needed. It is something that not only frustrates clients but the present staff members too. Eventually, alongside everything, the reputation of the hotel also gets affected.

So, make a schedule in a way that, when required, the proper staff is there to attend guests. All this might seem complicated, but with the right strategy, it’s achievable.

Listen and Respond Quickly to Clients

The hotel staff must build a good relationship with the guests. Now it is only possible when the team responds to their requests timely. The guests must know that staff isn’t just hearing them but making efforts to fulfill each demand.

Trained the Staff

To run a hotel successfully, the training of the staff members matters the most. They must know what to do in difficult situations without panicking. Moreover, never focus on the training of beginners only. Those who are working for a while should also get training from time to time. Put them in different situations at the time of training in order to notice how they manage things in reality.

Cancellation of Extra Charges Sometimes

Suppose you don’t provide Wi-Fi and other facilities to the guests free of cost. Don’t worry much. Occasionally remove the charges from the final bill and surprise them. It is a gesture that a guest will remember forever. Also, the chances that they revisit the hotel will increase.

Offer Upgrades

If you have guests who visit the hotel on a regular basis, it is good to give them a surprise by random upgrades. It is a gesture that also positively impacts the customer and allows you to build lifetime relations.

Send Greeting on Special Occasions

If someone visits the hotel on a special occasion like Christmas Holidays, do send them greetings. In case you don’t have any idea from which religion your clients belong, you can greet them simply by saying Happy Holidays.

These aren’t the only tips that hotel management can apply to make guests happy and satisfied. But the above-discussed tips are enough to gain a good reputation in the market, mainly if you are a beginner in the industry.

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