Everyone who joins social media is either to have fun or to run a campaign for business. It would help if you had many shares, comments, likes, or even traffic back to your blog. If you’re a newbie to social media, there is a tendency to struggle for better social content performance.

Today there are numerous social media platforms that you can join and make your branding visible worldwide. It would help if you had more followers, better conversion rates, more traffic to your blog and sales funnels, and more leads and customers. For instance if you have Twitter that you can use for marketing make sure you gain enough Twitter likes.

Let’s look at some actionable strategy tips to set you up for success.

1.       Create a Social Media Style Guide

In your multi-channel marketing account, you need to have a consistent style of communication with your audience. It doesn’t matter whether you have a team of staff or running the campaign alone, and there is a need to have a style guide that outlines how posts look and read. It would help if you considered the following;

·         Way present tone and voice.

·         The consistency of your writing style (format, spellings, etc.) in your posts.

·         The colors, logos, and fonts that you’ll employ.

·         What hashtags and emojis will you use?

2.       Develop a Regular Posting Schedule

It would help if you committed to your social media content. It’s essential to post daily and stay in the fort of your audience’s eye and keep growing. The more you have your audience’s attention, the means they get to trust your business campaign. That will build trust and better relationships as your business grows.

3.       Include Hashtags To Increase Engagement

Hashtags mean a lot in terms of business as they increase your online search. You need to be creative and use uncommon tags for your brands. That should be the checking point for an active audience. When you have that in place, it allows you to track what your followers and customers are saying about your media presence and product.

4.       Invest in more visual content

As you think of what you need to post, invest more time into visual content. When you have images on your post, it likes to gain more clicks and views than text-only posts. Instagram isn’t the only platform for visual content. Share industry information on LinkedIn, or tweet a hilarious image about your workplace culture.

Invest in a platform like Twitter that allows you to track the progress of your post. You can engage with your audience freely as you answer any question regarding your products or services. You create an account then get Twitter likes for your post. That will help you attract more clients to your blog as they click on the post when you have the right hashtag.

5.       Frequently Test Your Buttons And Widgets

You need to check on which social media profile has more impact, then drop the rest. For instance, your post does well on Facebook shares but hardly ever gets voted on Digg, then drop the Digg vote button. Employ the use of Google Analytics to see who’s clicking what and which control is more effective.

6.       Don’t Annoy Your Followers

When your starting social media, you may think that the best way to promote your brand is to publish coupons, offers, news, and anything else related to your business. You need to have a helpful first on social media. Most people do follow and respect valuable brands, not self-promoting shills.

7.       Set SMART Goals

No doubt having success in your business increases your likelihood of success. It’s difficult to tell how effective your social media marketing is doing without setting goals. Clear goals will not only help you move forward with your approach, but they will also serve as benchmarks for monitoring your success.

Describe the particular objectives and outcomes you want to achieve through your social media efforts. These should be in line with your company’s goals.


Keeping your content fresh every time is a challenge, even if you are a social media pro.  The pressure is how the marketing trends change every second, and you need to be on the lookout. We hope the above tips will help you organize your page, upgrade your content, and grow your target audience. You need to find out more information to help you gain more knowledge about social media management.


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