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4 Essential HVAC Tips from Seasoned Professionals

Your HVAC unit is a major part of your home. Like anything, it needs regular maintenance and professional care to keep working in optimal condition for you and your household. The best place to get advice from is the pros. 

That’s why we’ve created a list of tips to help you care for your home HVAC system to keep it working well. 

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1. Keep all your filters clean

Maintaining clean filters helps ensure air flows freely throughout the system and your house remains cool and comfortable.

Dirty air filters require your HVAC system to work harder to bring air through them, increasing energy bills and potentially leading to hardware failure.

To clean a filter, remove it from its home and wash it with warm water in either a sink or tub before rinsing thoroughly and leaving it to dry before reinserting it into its current home.

Some filters may require a complete replacement instead of a cleaning. In this case, follow the manufacturer instructions to do so. 

2. Keep your furnace and its components clean

Your furnace works hard to deliver warm air into every corner of your home, heating and redistributing it efficiently. Unfortunately, dust, pet hair, cooking fumes and cleaning overspray can pollute indoor air quality and cause havoc to your system.

Your blower motor and fan are responsible for pumping warm air into your supply vents, so the blower compartment must be regularly maintained. Start by unplugging everything, disconnecting wires, vacuuming the fan assembly and wiping down its blades and belts before replacing any unplugged items or loose wires with new ones.

Filters that restrict airflow place undue strain on system components, potentially leading to breakdowns and increased energy use. Regularly cleaning the area around your furnace and changing filters ensure optimal performance and indoor air quality.

3. Keep your air conditioner clean

As temperatures heat up, it is crucial that our air conditioning units remain clean. Dust, leaves and shrubbery can accumulate around them, restricting airflow through their vents.

Start by switching off the AC at its exterior shutoff box or breaker and removing the fan cage and tree/weed debris from around the unit. Brush coil fins using a fin comb; for stubborn dirt, use a no-rinse coil cleaner (optional). Cleaning coils and fans using a brush and commercial cleaner requires being extra vigilant not to bend or crush fins.

4. Get your system regularly checked by a professional

Our last tip is to get your system regularly checked by a professional. Cleaning is important, but professional maintenance is crucial. Technicians are specially trained to diagnose problems and inefficiencies with your system and help your furnace and air conditioning unit function properly. 

We recommend getting your heating system serviced before the winter season and your cooling system looked at before the hot season rolls in. Off-season preventative maintenance appointments ensure your local companies have time to see you and quickly address any issues they find. 

Conclusion – Keep your HVAC systems clean for the best results 

In short, we recommend keeping your home heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems clean for the best performance. Cleanings help your furnace and air conditioners operate at their best without having to overwork due to clogs and obstructions. 

In addition to this, getting your system checked by a professional ensures your system runs as efficiently as possible, all while allowing you to enjoy comfortable temperatures at home.

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